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The New Glucorein HOP


The supplement, Glucorein PCOS has been recently reformulated and is now called Glucorein HOP. If you haven’t heard of Glucorein yet, and how it can help manage PCOS, you can read my past posts here.  I have asked Susan Derence of NVN Therapeutics to tell us a little more about the new formulation.

Guest Post by Susan Derence Glucorein HOP is a unique dietary supplement specifically designed to promote ovarian health and support ovulatory function. Our clinically effective, chlorogenic acid based formula now contains scientifically proven ingredients myo-inositol, n-acetlycysteine (NAC) and whole fruit pomegranate extract. This synergistic trio of ingredients supports glucose tolerance, follicular development and an overall healthy metabolism. Myo-inositol, an integral member of the vitamin B family complex is supported by several studies to alleviate symptoms associated with cystic ovaries by improving biochemical parameters surrounding insulin resistance.  As an insulin mediator directly involved in the glucose signaling cascade, myo-inositol has been shown to significantly reduce insulin resistance, improve ovarian follicle maturation, restore spontaneous menses, increase ovulation frequency, improve oocyte quality and most markedly impact metabolic factors better than the closely related D-chiro isoform. What about the NAC you say? N-acetylcysteine is a potent compound derived from the semi-essential amino acid L- cysteine used to reduce oxidative stress. Once digested, NAC is converted through a series of enzymatic reactions into glutathione, the body’s most powerful intracellular antioxidant. Excessive levels of oxidative stress impede normal ovarian function and new research suggest that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) have higher levels of oxidative stress which may exacerbate havoc wreaking symptoms on the ovaries.  By replenishing glutathione stores and neutralizing the effects of oxidants, NAC has been proven to significantly reduce hirsutism, improve insulin sensitivity, balance hormonal parameters (hyperandrogenism) and improve ovulation rates. In a recent study, NAC was even found to improve the efficacy of clomiphene when used as an adjunctive therapy. When compared to metformin, NAC proved equally efficacious at significantly reducing body mass index, hirsutism scores, fasting insulin, HOMA index, free testosterone and menstrual irregularity without the commonly associated gastrointestinal side effects of metformin. You say give me heart health and I’ll say pomegranate! That’s right! When it comes to heart healthy foods there is none greater than the Pomegranate itself.   Deemed a super-food, pomegranate is a nutrient dense fruit rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols that will not only protect your ovaries from the damaging effects of free radicals but your heart as well. Used in the ancient Ayurveda system of medicine for thousands of years,pomegranate contains phytonutrient punicalagin which initial studies suggests inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation, reverses atherosclerotic plaque, lowers both cholesterol & blood pressure and prevents the development of cardiac risk factors. Officially launched in April of 2014, the all new Glucorein HOP is now available by call 1-888-259-6599.  As with any dietary supplement it is always important to consult with your doctor before use.


  • Olga

    I tried many times to get in contact (by e-mail) with the producers asking how to get the formula for myself. The problem is that I live in Belarus. No one even bothered to answer me.