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47- Essential Oils for PCOS- How and What To Use

We’re taking supplements, exercising, working on stress reduction, and eating clean. So where do essential oils fit in to our PCOS lifestyle? I use them as a part of my daily regimen. Research shows that oils can help with everything from insulin and blood sugar control to hormone balance, stress reduction, and even help decrease the cortisol that’s prevalent with PCOS women. Essential oils can also help with other common PCOS symptoms such as GI inflammation, candida, yeast, anxiety, and depression. I invited Dr. Meaghan Kirschling to explain some of the basics. Listen as she explains:

  • How to choose the right oils and dosages for your symptoms
  • How to identify a well-made pure essential oil
  • When and how to choose a carrier oil
  • Safe and effective methods for using oils
Link to the blog post about reflexology points and castor oil packs (Also included is an info-graphic Dr. Meaghan made about PCOS and essential oils.)
Dr. Meaghan’s article, “Have You Tried This? Alternative PCOS Treatment and Exercise
Dr. Meaghan’s podcast, “Managing PCOS From Teen Years to Menopause

There has been a drastic increase in essential oils over the past few years.  Much of this growth is due to companies like Young Living and doTERRA. We are not affiliated with either company.  Both Young Living and doTerra have made essential oils more mainstream and these oils have been made slightly different from traditional essential oils and aromatherapy.  Since so many individuals use these oils, we did want to focus on how they could be utilized.  However, the most important thing is that you make sure that you are using your oils in a safe manner.  Also, please realize that there is a difference between brands and types of essential oils.  

This podcast is meant for educational purposes about essential oils, how specific oils and components of plants can help with PCOS. This podcast is not meant to substitute medical care or provide medical recommendations.  It is recommended to use essential oils in the care of a certified aromatherapist. If you need specific advice, please seek the care of a qualified provider.

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