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ASK AMY: Does Pregnitude Really Work for PCOS?

Does Pregnitude really work?” –Tara, Chicago, IL

Amy says:  For those PCOS Divas who haven’t heard of Pregnitude yet, please read my Pregnitude post and Myo-inositol post. To answer Tara’s question, I must defer to one of the nation’s top practicing docs.  I turned to Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG, a Reproductive Endocrinologist and PCOS Expert with the South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SFIRM) in Boca Raton, FL. He helps women struggling with infertility and PCOS on a daily basis.

Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG

Dr. Roseff is truly a pioneer in using myo-inositol as a therapy for PCOS patients. He was actually the first doctor to bring INOFOLIC or Pregnitude (it is called INOFOLIC in Europe) to the states from Italy to use in practice 3 years ago. Dr. Roseff told me has been thrilled with the results.

” Giving PCOS patients Pregnitude helps to replace the necessary deficient nutrient and can improve insulin resistance.  I have also seen improved ovarian function, improved ovulation frequency and it promotes menstrual cycle regularity.  My protocol is for women to try Pregnitude first, before Clomid, because my experience has been that women on Pregnitude ovulate as frequently as patients taking Clomid but without the troublesome side effects like moodiness.”

Dr. Roseff also specializes in IVF.  He finds that women who may not be able to afford multiple IVF cycles, go on to take Pregnitude and then often get pregnant on their own. He also explained that, “My IVF patients have significantly better quality eggs and embryos after taking Pregnitude.”

Dr. Roseff has also found that Pregnitude improves insulin-resistance, as well as metformin, in women with PCOS.  This is great news for women like me who just can’t tolerate metformin.  He anecdotally also revealed that many women on Pregnitude see a reduction in acne and hirtuism, as well as, experience more stable moods and less anxiety.

The dosage he prescribes is 1 dose of Pregnitude 2x a day.  He finds that 99% of his patients tolerate Pregnitude just fine and the few that may have some slight gastrointestinal issues find that if they decrease the dose to 1x a day for a week and then try to return to twice per day thereafter, the issues resolve.

When I asked Dr. Roseff if he would recommend Pregnitude as a first line therapy for PCOS, he said, “Yes, but it needs to be in conjunction with diet and lifestyle modification.  There is no magic pill for PCOS.”

(I just want to state for the record, that neither Dr. Roseff, nor I, receive monetary incentive from Everett Labs the distributors of Pregnitude in the U.S.,  for any Pregnitude sales.)

Ovasitol for PCOS

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78 responses to “ASK AMY: Does Pregnitude Really Work for PCOS?”

    • Bethany – While I would say it’s OK to take Pregnitude while taking metformin, I try to switch my patients from their metformin to the more natural Pregnitude. They both help with insulin resistance, so if someone takes them together the combined effect can possibly be “too much” and may result in unwanted effects. Do NOT take them together without first discussing it with your reproductive endocrinologist/PCOS expert. And always remember – taking metformin and/or Pregnitude is not a substitute for proper lifestyle — eat right, exercise, and watch your weight! I hope this helps – Dr. Roseff (expert in PCOS)

  1. Maria – It is unknown whether Pregnitude is safe during breastfeeding (it hasn’t been studied). Therefore, I don’t recommend it.
    I hope this helps! Dr. Roseff – PCOS Expert

  2. Is there a specific time during your cycle that you should start Pregnitude? Also, do you recommend discussing this option with your RE before trying?

    • Yes Laura, I would talk to your doctor about any supplement you begin taking. I don’t believe that there is a specific time to start during your cycle.

  3. I am taking a b/c pill but want to come off it completely. Does anyone recommend just taking myo-inositol or d-chiro-inositol, have their symptoms improved? i.e. weight gain and spots? Nicola

  4. If already failed with clomid and other injectables, do you still recommend Pregnitude? Have not found a pill or injectable that is able to make me ovulate or have period.

    Haven’t done IVF, my fertility doctor refused, said he couldn’t help me, and he’s the best in our state, where do i go from here?

    • When I was speaking to Dr. Roseff he did say that he had patients that could not afford another round of IVF and went on to get pregnant with Pregnitude

    • I was a poor responder to Clomid and I hyperstimmed on injects. I went back to Clomid for a pseudo “break cycle” while awaiting my next round of injects, added Inofolic + to the mixture (I’m in Europe) and became pregnant with my daughter. Even though I still responded poorly to Clomid (cycle day 38 ovulation on 150mg) I believe the Inofolic greatly improved my egg quality. I will start it again next cycle as we’re trying for number two. Good luck.

  5. On average, how long did Dr. Roseff’s patients take Pregnitude before seeing a change in their cycles? Would you recommend taking a break from Clomid to see if Pregnitude can regulate my cycles?

    • Dr. Roseff said it can take 3-6 months for it to take full effect. I would talk to your doctor about taking a break from clomid.

  6. I just want to say for the readers. I skipped the Pregnitude and went straight to the Myo-Inositol and got the required amount of Folic Acid from my prenatals and it is the same effect, just cheaper. Since I’ve started taking it at the beginning of July, I’ve gotten my period on my own this cycle and actually ovulated last cycle even though I had just started taking the Myo-Inositol, where I hadn’t ovulated since October of 2011. I take 1000mg 2 times a day and I purchased it from Puritan’s Pride. Just trying to help save people some money because buying it out separately saves tons of cash! Good luck everyone!

    • Amanda – From my research, I understand you need to give it 3-6 months to take full effect. Of course it may be less.

  7. Hi,

    Can this product ne used safely for post menopausal women who want to address insulin resistance/diabtes who also have PCOS?



  8. I wish Pregnitude was available here! My hubby and I are stationed overseas right now on a tiny island and the limited health care is horrible! I honestly could not have been diagnosed at a worse time (diagnosed March 2011). I have an appointment on Friday with OB/GYN and I am going to ask about Pregnitude again. Maybe if I’m persistent about it they will eventually have it in stock at the Pharmacy, because I know there has to be a few other women on this island who have PCOS and feel the same way I do! It’s very frustrating!

    • Michelle-
      Be a Diva! You might also look at Inofolic. It is the same product but distributed through Europe under that name.

  9. Hi! I have 1 successful IVF (DD 12/12) and failed recent IVF with poor embryo quality. I am age 41, healthy, nml BMI and no Dx of PCOS. How strong is the evidence for Pregnitudes ability to improve egg quality for AMA? Has anyone tried the addition of melatonin for this purpose?

  10. Hi Amy, I’m just trying to find pure myo-inositol online to take on its own as my pre-natal vitamin already supplies me with folic acid. I have looked up the metagenics websites and pure encspsulations website but still im only seeing inositol. I know that there are 9 versions of inositol and I only want myo-inositol. Can you recommend a website or specific brand? Thank you! P.s just found your site and love it! From ttc four leaf clover xx

    • I think you would be safe with either. The inositol in the Metagenics Centinol is myo-inositol. The Pure formula is also myo-inositol.

  11. where can I purchase it? I live in canada and cant seem to find it anywhere… I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago even though my family doctor suspected it almost immediately after letting them know what was going on…. my partner dont want to do IVF until its a last resort and my RE is giving me the run around…. so we found Pregnitude online and cant seem to find it in canada.,… any responses as to where i could find it would be much appreciated!!!

  12. so if I were to take the individual ingredience, would I take 2g Inositol and 200mcg Folic acid 2 times a day or would the dosage be lowered?

  13. Hi,

    My doctor prescribe me Loestrin 24 Fe to regulate my cycles, my question is:
    If its safe to take Pregnitude while I am in Loestrin? Because i wish to be in more
    control of the PCOS symptoms and the insulin resistance symptoms too.

  14. Hi Amy,

    I’m from Canada. My Gynecologist prescribed me with PregVit folic 5 and Metformin for fertility. Is Pregnitude and PregVit folic 5 are same? I guess Metformin will help to control my insulin? I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    Thanks so much for your blog. You really inspire me. I appreciate all your help. May God Bless you.


    • Hi Miran-
      Thanks for the blessings! I looked up PregVit and it is a very different product. Pregnitude is just myo-inositol and folic acid.

  15. I’m interested in trying this product, have an appt in Feb with my doctor ( bout to move to IVF)

    I read using this product can help to prepare me for IVF by making the quality of my eggs better.

    I also see it might help bring down my cycle , but will it help me to grow eggs and ovulate ? I have a problem with both. If I can get prgnant on my own with out IVF then I will try that.

    • Actually Jennifer, many miscarriages with PCOS are a result of low-progesterone early on in pregnancy. I have seen that myo-inositol helps with keeping gestational diabetes at bay.

  16. Hi there –
    I bought Pregnitude, but I’m not sure yet if I’m pregnant. My period isnt due for another week, would it be safe to start taking it if I’m not sure if I am pregnant?

  17. Hi Amy,
    I am 39. My OB told me to try Pregnitude to help with becoming pregnant. I have only tried it for two days. I have had unpleasant gas and vomited. Not sure if this is caused by the supplement or not.
    Thank you for your time.

  18. Is it possible to take pregnitude even if you’re not insulin resistant? I do have PCOS. I’m thin, live very healthy, but have polycystic ovaries. My cycles are irregular, I’m still not sure if I ovulate all the time and I have acne. I was able to regulate my cycles a little with vitex, but still haven’t got the result I was hoping for. Thanx

    • I am not insulin resistant anymore and I found Pregnitude made me feel hypoglycemic. I think you would just have to try to see if it works for you.

  19. Has anyone had success with finding a similar product in Canada? I tried but they will not ship these items to Canada. I have also looked up INOFOLIC with no success.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I found 100% myo-inositol powder on eBay from powdercity for a very reasonable price. Their website is and I would assume since you’re our neighbor to the north that shipping to Canada wouldn’t be a problem.

  20. I am already taking a multivitamin with 800mcg of folic acid. I am assuming that more is not needed, however, I would like to take the Pregnitude due to the high quality grade of the myo-inositol. Do you or anyone else reading this know if adding that much folic acid to the existing amount I’m taking is dangerous or toxic? Also, if it is, do you or anyone else reading this know what a good quality myo-inositol supplement would be and where to get it? Thank you in advance! Wonderful health to all!!

    • I would just purchase myo-inositol powder from Pure Encapsulations or Metagenics – they do not contain folic acid.

  21. what are the average results with pregnitude? my husband and i really want to get pregnant and have been trying for a year and it still has not happened. We are considering pregnitude.

  22. Good day
    I am currently on clomid and Glucophage and trying to conceive for 4 years. I have just heard how Inofolic and Staminogro supplements can also help. Would you advise me to take these while taking the above fertility treatment?

  23. Can you take Ovaboost and Pregnitude at the same time? Also does this at all interfere with any ovulation pee stick test results? Cause I heard Clomid can just want to make sure. I also heard that Pregnitude can also help with weightloss as well (??)