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What is Pregnitude?


Note: Years ago, when I wrote this article, inositols were new to the market. Since then, they have become a mainstay of PCOS treatment. As more research was completed, we learned that the most effect could be found by combining both myo insoitol and D-Chiro inositol. You can find this modern combination in Ovasitol. For more about his powerful combination, read my article, “Why I Use Ovasitol – Combo Myo/D-chiro Supplement.” Also, please note that Pregnitude contains folic acid instead of folate. For more about why this is a concern, read, “What Every Woman With PCOS Needs to Know About Folic Acid.”


When I first heard about the marketing of myo-inositol under the name Pregnitude, I was skeptical.  I have to admit, I thought it sounded like a pharmaceutical company was just jumping on the PCOS bandwagon with another nutritional supplement marketing to women with PCOS who are trying to get pregnant.  The name sure sounds like a fertility drug.

Before you continue to read about Pregnitude, you may want to learn more about the benefits of myo-inositol. For more info on myo-inositol read my post.  You’ll also want to read how Dr. Scott Roseff,  a leading Reproductive Endocrinologist is using myo-inositol in his practice.

The more I investigated this product, the more I realized that it is the real deal.  It is actually a myo-inositol and folic acid nutritional supplement that has been around for years in Europe and extensively tested with great results.  In Europe it is known as INOFOLIC and is made in Italy by LO.LI Pharma. U.S based Everett Laboratories Inc. is now distributing this same product under the name Pregnitude in the U.S. market.

Pregnitude comes in a box of 60 packets that each contain the 2g of myo-inositol powder and 2oo mcg folic acid.  All you do is empty one packet in a 8 ounce glass of water and drink.  I tried it today and couldn’t taste a thing.  The typical dosage is one packet in the morning and one packet in the evening. One box of Pregnitude contains 60 packets designed to last one month.

Since Pregnitude is a nutritional supplement, it is available without a prescription, but it is important to speak to your physician prior to taking any supplement. The cost of Pregnitude online is $39.99.

Note: I am NOT an affiliate of Pregnitude and Everett Labs.Ovasitol for PCOS

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15 responses to “What is Pregnitude?”

  1. I have over 200 ladies in my group trying Pregnitude and I am on my 3rd box as of next week. For the first time in 10 years I am ovulating on my own and as of yesterday I had my first period unmediated! I have also noticed less acne, more energy, less night sweats, less hair falling out, less hair growth on my face and weight loss!

    This is my group!


    • Amber, I wish you would let me know what I did that you removed me from your group and friend’s list. One minute I’m posting in your group, the next you had removed me, unfriended me, and declined going to the PCOS awareness event. Please tell me what I did, that is all I want to know. It hurt my feelings very much. PCOS women need to stick together for support. I feel left out now that I can’t use your group as a resource for support. I had never been mean, posted inappropriate things, etc.. in your group. Please help me understand. It would greatly be appreciated.

  2. PLEASE be careful with myo-inositol. I was taking this under the care of nautroapath. We started off with 2g daily. Immediately, I felt very anxious, nervous, depressed, moody and very, very angry all the time. I asked her about it and we just chalked it up to regulating hormones. Then she upped the dose to 3g when I wasn’t seeing any results, and I just kept getting worse. I have never felt so hopeless, or had such feelings of despair and rage in my life. I felt like Jekal and Hyde. It was the scariest two months of my life, and my poor family had no idea how to help me. I began to realize that there must be something more going on than just hormones and weaned down and stopped taking it. Within days, I was feeling like my old self. I am now fine, and have none of these symptoms. I wanted to share my experience to make sure other women don’t have to go through this like I did. So, please monitor how you are feeling closely while taking anything. Just b/c it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s without side effects.

  3. I hope more women start posting about this drug! I’m very sketchy about it and feel like I’m being a guinea pig. I am also feeling very moody and sore breasts. Sometimes I feel down as well but I have a lot going on in my life right now. My doctor has me taking at day three (third day of my period and me stopping at 21 days of me taking it and then after 7 days start again for 21 more days and so on. My doctor said if I’m not pregnant in 6 months to contact a fertility specialist , but if I’m not pregnant in 3 I’m getting off of it. Please women blog about symptoms and tell others symptoms, success, and or failures of the drug..side effects????

    • Crystal- Myo-inositol/Pregnitude is not a drug. It is a form of B vitamin one of the 9 forms of inositol. There have been extensive studies done on this supplement and PCOS. There is a Facebook group called Pregnitude and PCOS and women share their stories privately about using Pregnitude.

  4. I tried Pregnitude when my OB suggested it, didn’t finish the box when I got pregnant in October 2012. I had a miscarriage and haven’t taken it again. But i will definitely try again this year.

  5. I have tried without fail, to call the Abbots lab, sent emails ,but have had no response.

    Do you know if you can take this while pregnant?

    Obviously the folic acid of course, but what about the inositol?

    Thank you!

  6. I haven’t been taking it every day, sometimes I forget, sometimes I just can’t take it. I think it tastes awful…. But the first weeks I was taking regularly, I did not experience any side-effects. I wonder if I can add the powder to tea or water flavoring like Crystal Light, so it’s more palatable… Anyone there knows?

  7. This supplement contains folic acid. I feel you must become aware that folic acid is not the same as FOLATE which is the one we need. Folic acid is the synthetic “copy” (the one someone holds a patent to), not found in nature. It is man made and as such has negative effects. Folic acid stimulates the growth of neoplasms that may turn cancerous. You are also better off buying the 2 ingredients separately – it’s cheaper. Here is a link explaining http://chriskresser.com/folate-vs-folic-acid/ Ladies and gents, always read your labels. Become familiar with synthetic supplements which are not good for you.