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Beyond the Food Gifts: Winter Spiced Kitchen Spray

Since I was a teenager, I’ve have been handcrafting Christmas gifts.  Back in the days before I was a PCOS Diva, I always gave food gifts – anything from homemade caramels, toffee, or peppermint bark to pancake mix, and gourmet trail mix. But now I like to give gifts that are aligned with my PCOS Diva lifestyle.  Not only do these gifts keep me from eating all of the fudge remnants, but they are healthier for my friends, family, neighbors, and kids’ teachers too. I’ve shared my ideas with you over the past 4 years, so in keeping with tradition, I’m excited to share this year’s idea with you too.

Winter Spiced Kitchen Spray

PCOS Divas avoid chemically ladened, potentially endocrine disrupting kitchen counter sprays.  So, I  make my own kitchen spray using vinegar and essential oils.



Here is what you’ll need for 30 8 oz. spray bottles:

2 gallons of white vinegar

1 lb.  bag mulling spices (I use Monterey Spice Company which can be very inexpensive, but there are good alternatives.)

Orange peels (I collected these for about a week in the refrigerator from a 5 lb. bag of clementines.)

Thieves essential oil

Orange essential oil

8 quart size mason jars


8 oz. spray bottles (I purchased mine through Your Oil

Bottle labels (I purchased mine from – “Snowswirl” sage colored 1.25″ x 3.75″ labels.)

Gift tags (I purchased mine from – “Snowswirl”  sage colored 2″ x 2″ hang tags.)

30 White bar towels



Step 1: Fill each of the 8 mason jars to nearly the top with 1/2 cup mulling spices and orange peels. Fill jar with vinegar, and let sit for several days to infuse.


Step 2: Label bottles.

Step 3: Use cheesecloth to strain vinegar and remove all solids. You may need to strain a couple times.

Step 4: Use a funnel to fill bottles with vinegar and add a drop or two of essential oils.

Step 5: Package bottle with rolled bar towel, then tie with ribbon and hang tag.

For more non-food gift ideas, see my posts from years past below.  Happy giving!

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