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5 Tips for Finding Confidence with PCOS

Guest post by Chelsea Savelle

When you consider the uphill battle that comes with fighting PCOS, it should be no surprise that confidence can also be just as hard of a mountain to climb. Considering all of the challenges women with this condition face, it’s easy to be reminded on a daily basis that you have PCOS. From the weight gain, acne, hair loss, migraines, infertility and so on, one can easily find themselves consumed by what many of us call the “PCOS blues.”

You may already be on a journey to becoming a better you but lack the confidence and motivation to get there. Here are 5 tips for finding confidence with PCOS.

1) Avoid speaking negatively about yourself. 

It’s likely that at some point you have spoken negatively about yourself. Although common, negative self-talk is detrimental to your confidence. It’s a reminder of all of the things you don’t like about yourself and can easily damage your self-esteem. When considering your desire to gain confidence, make a conscious effort to avoid speaking negatively about yourself. Instead, focus on your positive attributes. Don’t give negativity any space in your life.

2) Don’t compare yourself to others. 

“I wish I looked like her.”

“I wish I was talented like her.”

“I wish I had her life.”

At some point, these thoughts may have crossed your mind about someone you admire. The symptoms that PCOS sufferers are often plagued with can easily cause you to desire characteristics that other women may possess. The issue with comparison is that you sell yourself short of all of the amazing attributes that make you who you are. Comparison robs you of the self-acceptance that you need in order to take your confidence to the next level. It’s perfectly acceptable to admire someone, but don’t allow admiration to become envy. You make a better YOU than anyone else.

3) Connect with other cysters who understand what you’re going through.

PCOS has a way of making you feel alone and misunderstood. Let’s face it – none of us want to feel like no one understands. Surrounding yourself with other women who know the struggle of PCOS can definitely help you find confidence. Everyone has their own journey, but there’s something beautiful that happens when women come together in cysterhood. It provides you with inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. Most importantly, it helps you learn to love yourself by being loved and accepted by those who can relate to you.

4) Incorporate self-care practices.

Taking time to care for yourself can alleviate stress, promoting a more positive outlook. Exercise and proper nutrition can help you see yourself in a much better and brighter light.  It’s a good idea to prioritize daily meditation, which allows you to control negative thoughts and puts you on a path to self-love and confidence. Find activities that you enjoy and excel at. Take bubble baths and get adequate sleep. These are all important self-care practices and helps put you in a relaxing and positive space.

5) Be willing to fully embrace yourself right where you are.

It’s definitely important to have goals. Your goal may be to lose weight, to incorporate more workouts into your week, or to eat a healthier diet. Goals are necessary but don’t convince yourself that your confidence is dependent on reaching your goals. Embrace yourself right where you are in your present state. Whether you lose the weight by your deadline or not. Whether you fall off the healthy eating regimen or not. Make the decision to accept yourself no matter where you currently are.

To put it plainly, cut yourself some slack! Consider all the things you’ve already overcome and the many times you’ve wanted to quit but didn’t. It indeed takes a strong soul to keep fighting and pressing forward amidst the struggles of PCOS. And here you are, still pressing forward and still refusing to quit. That alone is worthy of self-love and acceptance.


Chelsea Savelle is the creator and editor of PCOS Girl Bye, a blog designed to inspire, encourage, and bring awareness to PCOS. She is an advocate for women’s health and nutrition. As a fellow PCOS cyster, she seeks to inspire, uplift, and build confidence in women with PCOS around the world.


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