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7 Benefits of Myo- Inositol for PCOS

By Amy Medling, founder of PCOS Diva

Updated July 2019

Myo-inositol, especially in the form of Ovasitol, is a very hot topic in the PCOS world.  There is tons of very positive research coming out about myo-inositol for PCOS. Inositol is not a miracle pill, but used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle it can help manage weight and appetite, promote normal blood sugar levels (insulin resistance) and menstrual cycles, normalize hormone levels, improve egg quality, resolve acne and hirsutism (hair where you don’t want it) and balance lipid levels – all things women with PCOS often struggle. In fact, PCOS has been linked to a deficiency in myo-inositol, triggering many of our PCOS symptoms.

The current research is very promising. One well-respected team of researchers analyzed the available date and concluded, “According to randomized controlled studies involving inositol supplementation in women with PCOS, inositol provides improvement in almost all pathologic conditions in PCOS such as recovery of reproductive abnormalities, decreased androgen levels, and improved insulin levels.” (7)

What is myo-inositol?

Myo-inositol is NOT a pharmaceutical drug. It is a naturally occurring substance produced in the human body that belongs to the vitamin B complex group. Myo-inositol is one of nine different types of inositol and can be found naturally in many foods such as fruits, nuts and beans. It is a precursor to a number of  “signaling molecules” that essentially tell cells how to behave. Of the nine different types of inositol, two have insulin-sensitizing capabilities: myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol. Together, these two inositols control countless tasks. Among other things, myo-inositol is integral to properly functioning insulin-receptors and has also been linked to the activation of serotonin (a “feel good” hormone) receptors, which could relieve depression and improve appetite, mood and anxiety (1, 2).

How Can Myo- Inositol Help With PCOS Symptoms?

1) Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance (IR) is a hallmark of PCOS, and one which cascades into many of our most frustrating symptoms. Myo- inositol has been proven to help (3). Myo-inositol can be synthesized by the body from food, but when we are already deficient, the lack of myo-inositol can impact the ability of the body to be sensitive to insulin. Women with PCOS are also known to have a defect in their insulin-signaling pathways which are heavily dependent upon inositol-containing substances (phosphoglycan mediators). We also have a Myo- inositol deficiency in our ovaries (3). Supplying extra myo-inositol appears to temporarily correct the malfunctioning insulin pathways and reduce the signs and symptoms of insulin resistance. A 2017 study put it this way, “The improvement of insulin sensitivity and the reduction of serum insulin demonstrated by Myo-inositol supply are of paramount importance for ameliorating the clinical features of women with PCOS.” (3)

In fact, the greatest benefit to controlling insulin resistance comes with the balanced (40/1 ratio) and combined us of Myo & D-chiro insositols. (3, 7, 8, 9) For more about D-chiro inositol read Uncovering the Secrets of D-chiro Inositol for PCOS.

Use of inositol may even surpass the popular drug, metformin, in controlling insulin. (6)

2) Reduces Testosterone

Women with PCOS often have an androgen excess. Dr. Fiona McCulloch describes it this way, “Androgen excess is often a central factor in PCOS – most women express either clinical signs of it including acne, hirsutism or androgenetic alopecia, or have lab work with high levels of hormones like testosterone, androstenedione, 17-OH Progesterone, DHEA-S or dihydrotestosterone.” Recent research indicated that myo-inositol, particularly in conjunction with D-chiro inositol significantly reduces levels of testosterone in your system (3) in as little as 12 weeks (6).

3) Helps Acne and Hirtuism

A study conducted in Italy with 50 PCOS women who took myo-inositol for three months, found that plasma LH, testosterone, free testosterone and insulin were significantly reduced.  In 6 months of taking myo-inositol, both hirsutism and acne decreased. The researchers concluded, “MYO [inositol] administration is a simple and safe treatment that ameliorates the metabolic profile of patients with PCOS, reducing hirsutism and acne.”

4) Induces Menses and Increases Chances of Ovulation

In another study conducted in Italy in 2007, researchers followed 25 women with oligo-amenorrhea (irregular menses) or amenorrhea (no menses) due to PCOS. Myo-inositol and folic acid were given daily. Those treated had at least one menstrual cycle, and of these, seventy two percent continued ovulating normally. Forty percent of the women became pregnant and the study concluded that, “Myo-inositol is a simple and safe treatment that is capable of restoring spontaneous ovarian activity and consequently fertility in most patients with PCOS. This therapy did not cause multiple pregnancy.” Since then,studies have shown similar results. As recently as 2018, researchers have found that Myo-inositol in combination with  folic acid resulted in 70% restored ovulation. (6) Note:many women with PCOS require folates instead of folic acid. Learn more here. Ovasitol

5) Helps with Weight Loss and Appetite Control

A randomized double-blind trial which is the gold standard of research, gave 92 women either 400 mcg of folic acid as a placebo or 4 g myo-inositol plus 400 mcg folic acid. Researchers discovered that ovulation significantly increased, as did the frequency of normal progesterone values in the luteal phase and estradiol levels in the myo-inositol group.

This study noted less metabolic benefits to those women who were overweight, but also that the myo-inositol group lost a significant amount of weight and had lowered leptin (an appetite regulating hormone) levels. Further research agreed, stating that “Myo-inositol and d-chiro inositol in association with diet seems to accelerate the weight loss and the fat mass reduction with a slight increase of percent lean mass” (10). Some research indicates that use of inositol may be effective in reducing BMI even without lifestyle modification. (11)

6) Improves Egg Quality

Egg quality is a big concern for those trying (or planning to) conceive. An older study (5) showed that high levels of myo-inositol within follicles may be a marker for good follicular development and good oocyte or egg quality. The researchers stated, “We propose that higher concentrations of MI (Myo-inositol) and E2 (estradiol) in human FF (follicular fluid) appear to play a role in follicular maturity and provide a marker of good quality oocytes. In conclusion, follicles containing good quality oocytes have higher concentrations of MI (Myo-inositol) in FF (follicular fluid)

More recent studies (4, 11) measured the effects of both myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol in women undergoing fertility treatments. The results showed that women who received myo-inositol had better quality and more mature eggs. They also had more pregnancies than those who took d-chiro inositol.

7) Improves results of IVF

In 2018, researchers were not alone when they determined, “Myo-inositol has proven to be a new treatment option for patients with PCOS and infertility. The achieved pregnancy rates are at least in an equivalent or even superior range than those reported using metformin as an insulin sensitizer. No moderate to severe side effects were observed when myo-inositol was used at a dosage of 4000 mg per day. In addition, our evidence suggests that a myo-inositol therapy in women with PCOS results in better fertilization rates and a clear trend to a better embryo quality. As by the same way the number of retrieved oocytes was smaller in the myo-inositol group, the risk of a hyperstimulation syndrome in these patients can be reduced. Therefore, myo-inositol also represents an improvement in IVF protocols for patients with PCOS.” Other research indicates that the use of myo-inositol is very effective (10), but combining it in a 40:1 ratio with d-chiro inositol may be most effective. (9)

How Long Does Inositol Take to Work?

Research shows that while there may be improvement much earlier, it takes at least 6 months to see results (3). So, be patient!

Ask Your Doctor About Supplementing with Myo-inositol

Talk to your doctor about taking myo-inositol. Chances are your doctor may have never even heard of myo-inositol as a therapy for PCOS. My advice is to be, “a PCOS Diva at the doctor.” Advocate for yourself. Bring copies of these studies and articles to your appointment. Ask for their support. If they aren’t receptive, think about whether this is a partnership you want to continue. When a supplement has minimal to no side effects and shows so many results, I think it is worth fighting for. I take a combination myo-inositol and d-chiro inositol called Ovasitol.  You can read more about it here.  It rounds out my supplement routine which also includes PCOS Diva Essentials, Ultra DHA and Vitamin D.  You can order all three at 10% less here…

Amy Medling, best-selling author of Healing PCOS and certified health coach, specializes in working with women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), who are frustrated and have lost all hope when the only solution their doctors offer is to lose weight, take a pill, and live with their symptoms. In response, Amy founded PCOS Diva and developed a proven protocol of supplements, diet, and lifestyle programs that offer women tools to help gain control of their PCOS and regain their fertility, femininity, health, and happiness. 



1.“Biochemistry”; Molecular level interaction of the human acidic fibroblast growth factor with the antiangiogenic agent, inositol hexaphosphate; Kumar SM, et al; 2010

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    1. Jessica and Bethany- I posed the question to Dr. Roseff and here is his reply –

      Q: Can you take Pregnitude with Metformin?

      A: ” I prefer to see if Pregnitude alone helps my patient, without having them take Metformin. This can be evaluated over a 3-6 month time frame, depending on each patient’s individual situation. If I don’t see a significant change in insulin processing on the Pregnitude alone, then I add the Metformin at that time. In fact, since the introduction of Pregnitude in the U.S., I have given my PCOS patients taking Metformin the choice of stopping the Metformin and switching to solely Pregnitude. Of course, if we need to treat with both Pregnitude and Metformin concomitantly, I don’t have a problem with this regimen. It’s important that patients be properly monitored and have their therapies adjusted and tailored along the way; I don’t practice “cookbook medicine” with which everyone is given the same recipe, because every women is different!” ~ Scott Roseff, MD FACOG

  1. Hi there,
    First of all thanks Amy for the great article. I was just wondering if this supplement was avaliable in New Zealand?
    Thanks loads for your help.

      1. Hi, I’m in Nz also and have been researching where to buy inofolic. I’ve just found a website called brandmedicines.com and they also ship for free. They also use PayPal as a safe payment method. Let me know if you go ahead with the purchase. I’m contemplating doing the same as I have been advised to stop taking metformin whilst ttc. Although since doing this I have stopped ovulating and my 35 day regular period has stopped! 🙁 I’m looking into alternative therapies to try and induce ovulation again. Currently taking vitex and fertilaid but nothing yet. I’m beginning to think why I was told to stop taking metformin after taking it for 6 years with no problems and regular cycles!!! Grrrrr!

  2. Thanks for this great information. I’ve been supplementing with D-chiro-inositol and having positive results, but this is the first I’ve read about Myo-inositol.

  3. Hi; my doctor switched me to Pregnitude in place of Metformin almost two months ago. My periods were fairly regular at the time, but my insulin and testosterone was way off. I also have an IUD. I am single, and not only am I not engaged in “adult” activities, I am definitely not ready for pregnancy at this time in life. My question is, since I began the pregnitude I have not had a single period. I have gone through PMS symptoms, but no menstruation. Should I be greatly concerned? Or, does it take a while for this suppliment to really regulate? I have looked for answers everywhere, but I am coming up empty. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  4. Is Pregnitude safe during pregnancy? Also, does it help with gestational diabetes like metformin claims to?

  5. Is this also recommended for women who have PCOS but aren’t looking to get pregnant?

  6. I’ve just bought Inositol tablets for egg quality (I don’t have PCOS, just poor quality eggs & I’m 39). Have I bought the wrong ones, should I be specifically looking for myo-inositol? Also, once pregnant, should inositol still be taken? Many thanks x

  7. Is there anyway to just purchase myo inositol? I already supplement plenty of folic acid from what my naturopath gives me so I feel like if I use pregnitude I would be over doing it.

    1. Hi Kelly- I would look for Inofolic – it is available in Europe. Pregnitude is the same product but marketed under a different name in the US

  8. Would Pregnitude be helpful with insulin resistance and weight loss/control if you have had a total hysterectomy? I have had PCOS most of my adult life and fibroids necessitated the hysterectomy/oopherectomy. Can I still benefit?
    Thanks for the info!

  9. Is there a link/whitepaper to information I can present to my doctor regarding myo & pregnitude. I’d like to share this info, but my doc is dubious of anything not written up in a medical journal.

  10. This is very interesting. I’m a 56 yr. old women, so my interest is not in fertility. Is there any research that suggests different results for older women?

    1. I haven’t seen research for older women with PCOS. However PCOS does not go away when we reach menopause. We are still at high risk for diabetes and heart disease. Myo-inositol is just a b vitamin. I plan to use it well into my 50s and beyond.

  11. Hi,
    I am on myo inositol. The doc prescribed due to pcos and also the inability to conceive. Been for the past 6 months. I am glad I read this post and I hope that I hope to benefit from this.


  12. Myo-inositol has been known to be a major component of *semen* since at least the 1960s. That the obvious connection here has never been officially medically recognized and that some women have had their endocrine systems ruined by lack of this nutrient is an utter embarrassment to the medical profession.

  13. Thank you for this article! Great information especially for those not wanting to take Metformin, or like me who can’t tolerate it too well (I get crazy dizzy).

  14. I just wanted to add my experiences with Myo-inositol. My acupuncturist read the study about egg quality and ovarian function. MI along with folic acid and 3mg of melatonin each night increased both # of eggs retrieved, embryo quality and pregnancies.

    I started it three months before my IVF cycle. I should also mention that I am 43 years old and have done 2 mini embryo cycles – this was my first full IVF. They retrieved 40 eggs- 31 were mature enough to fertilize. We had 24 embryos at day 2 and 12 at day 5. All were frozen to do a thaw cycle as I was at high risk for ovarian hyper stimulation.

    This is obviously an anomaly – but I can’t help but believe that my results would be different without the Myo-inostitol. Other than the fertility piece, I have noticed how balanced and relaxed I have been while taking it- no anxiety.

    Hope this helps someone who is wondering about it 🙂

  15. Thanks for a great article! I’ve been struggling with PCOS for years and my husband and I would like to get pregnant within the year. I recently found out that I have the MTHFR gene defect and I need to take Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin as opposed to regular folic acid or regular B12. Do you know if the folic acid in pregnitude is methylated? If I consume the regular myo-inositol powder and want to supplement with methylfolate, do you have any recommendations. From my research I understand I need to start slow with methylfolate to prevent side effects, but I don’t know where to start! Any brands or recommendations would be helpful- thanks!

  16. hi, I am just learning about inositol now. I’m 29 and have known I have pcos since I was 17. I was on the pill until last year. Now I’m on Metformin and took progesterone to cause me to bleed. I started acupuncture and herbs last month. My acupuncturist recommended inositol and I’m confused about pills vs powder and whether or not I need folic acid if I’m not yet trying to conceive. thanks!

    1. I too have been prescribed metformin but it makes me sick as a dog!! So I started looking for less invasive was to work on my PCOS…I started taking this stuff called pregnitude about 3months ago…this product has the dosage amount of folic acid and MYO [inositol] and so far so good!! I started my monthly 2wks in and have had one for the last 3months!! This monthI’m ovulating!! And I’ve also notice some of that extra weird hair in the craziest place is lessening. I haven’t had any other side affects that I have noticed!! But then again it’s only been 3months!! I’m still really excited tho!! Btw folic acid is good for you even if you’re not trying to conceive right now…

      Best of luck to you!!

  17. Hello! I am one of the crowd- PCOS and trying to conceive. I do NOT want to take pharmaceuticals- I would like to address the real issue of the disorder and heal my body accordingly.
    I have been researching Pregnitude and D-chiro inositol… Both seem to have valid studies relating to my issue- high testosterone levels and erratic menses with and without ovulation.
    Do you know of any reasons that I shouldn’t take BOTH of these inositols at the same time? I haven’t found any articles or studies about this…
    Of course, I am very concentrated on a healthy diet and exercise… These supplements would be in addition to that.

    1. In the articles I’ve read, myo inositol should be taken at 1000-200mg and then d chiro taken With it at 400-500mg. You dont need as much and the body converts myo into d chiro.

  18. I am overweight and insulin-resistant. A friend whose husband is an OB/GYN fertility specialist recommends myo-inositol for some of his patients but mentioned the improvement of glucose metabolism as a benefit also. I am a breast cancer survivor (age 63). I want to try the myo-inositol for improved glucose metabolism and perhaps a little weight loss, but am concerned about progesterone levels since my breast cancer was progesterone-receptor positive. Can you tell me anything about this? Thanks. (PS-I am taking Metformin)

  19. Hi Amy!

    I’m a PCOS girl with a burning question about supplements: Currently I am taking a large multivitamin, Vitex Berry, Omega 3 supplements, Saw Palmetto as an anti-androgen, and cinnamon to regulate blood sugar–all every day. Oh, and Progon B-L as a natural progesterone when I’m supposed to be ovulating… o_O . When I first started having hormonal issues a maca supplement worked for me, so I’ve started adding that back in too. It’s just alllll too much.

    I have periods, but they fluctuate between 28 days and 45 day cycles. I am extremely healthy, doing all of the right things with diet and exercise, and am only about 5 lbs over my ideal weight–but my acne will not go away, and hirsutism is mild but seems to be slowly worsening.

    I don’t know what to do about supplements, because I am already taking so many, yet I want to switch to a combination that is right for me (perhaps myo-inositol)… and I don’t want to just keep piling on more and more supplements as I hear about their possible success…I’m at a loss.

    Is there something you might suggest, knowing my current supplement regime, that I should do or swap? Perhaps remove one thing and replace it with another? I know this is a relatively long message, but I really appreciate the help! Battling PCOS naturally is a long, confusing, bumpy road.

    Thanks for all of the support you give us!

    1. It sounds like your androgens may still be high. Have you thought of D-chiro-inositol. It is very good at lowering testosterone.

  20. There’s a powder mix called Serene that is sold at Flourish Pharmacy in Oklahoma City, OK that has magnesium, myoinositol, GABA, taurine, and L-Theanine. This was recommended to me by the pharmacist there when I mentioned my recent dx of PCOS and long time issues with anxiety. I hate medicine and my OB wanted to put me on the pill, but I have a history of heart problems, and didn’t want to up my risks with birth control. I’ve been using now twice a day for a month and am happy to report that it’s working great. Many of my symptoms from the PCOS have improved or disappeared all together. My acne has improved greatly, hirituism has improved, I have more energy, my gi symptoms have gone away, and the constant heart palpitations I was having have decreased drastically. I would strongly recommend this to any and everyone. The benefits from the combined ingredients would be great for anyone, but for someone with PCOS this is a godsend. Hope this helps.

  21. I was diagnosed with pcos and had no regular periods without tablet and did take myo -inostol with metformin and folic acid . Within 3 months I got pregnant and now my baby is 2 yrs..Thank God…
    Good luck with those who trying to get pregnant

    1. HI I am diagnosed with PCO and I am taking Myo-inostol over 2 months and not pregnant yet. Please suggest me what should I Do? I can’t survive without tea twice a day. Do you think I should stop drinking any Caffeine?

  22. Hello everyone,
    I m 28 and I have mild pcos.I took pregnitude for 2 months and I conceived.When I found out I was pregnant thats in 4-5 week I asked my doctor if I could take it and she asked me to stop it immediately.After stopping it for a week ,I miscarried.So ,did I miscarried because I stopped taking it or because I was taking till 4-5 weeks.Awaiting response keenly,as I dont know what to do if get pregnant next.My doctor has no views on this matter.

    1. Ovasitol can be taken throughout pregnancy. Taking inositol during pregnancy may be beneficial. Studies have shown that myo-inositol supplementation during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

  23. Hello everyone,I m 28 and I have mild pcos.I took inositol for 2 months and I conceived.When I found out I was pregnant thats in 4-5 week I asked my doctor if I should take it during pregnancy also and she asked me to stop it immediately.After stopping it for a week ,I miscarried.So ,did I miscarry because I stopped taking it or because I was taking it till 4-5 weeks.Awaiting response keenly,as I dont know what to do if get pregnant next.My doctor has no views on this matter.

    1. I would say stopping it, if it’s just a b-vitamin and naturally synthesized from the body. I know this is old, but I landed here trying to get answers about whether I have PCOS. I was taking DIM, followed the directions on the bottle to stop during pregnancy, but not until 7 weeks. The baby died at 7.5 weeks, miscarried at 12 weeks. I am convinced it was caused by my hormones going nuts after stopping DIM. I already notice a wonderful change after taking myo-inositol for 3 weeks and will not be stopping if I get pregnant. Doctors have no clue.

  24. Hi I am 25 years and found out 7 months ago that I have pcos, we have also been trying to conceive for a year. I have been on femara for the past 3 months and it allows me to get my period and ovulate, i am also taking stamino gro.I am not insulin resistant, So I would like to know can I still try inofolic? Will it benefit me?

    1. Myo-inositol is just a b-vitamin. It is very safe. It is worth a try!

  25. hello, thank you for your article. One question: is there a benefit to take myo-inositol in case of infertility without PCOS but with ovarian failure?

  26. Hello! Can sombody please help me!? I need advice urgent!! My name is Vanessa, I am 28 years old, have PCOS since 11 years old. Have horrible symptoms ever since that young age (full beard, moustache and body hair from head to toes, over weight, crazy mood swings and hot flashes, etc) And NEVER had a natural period in my life, only induced periods. I came across this page and now I am very intreasted in using Inositol to see if it will help me start natural cycles. The devastating problem is that I live in Argentina, and here in this country they do not sell any products like ”OvaBoost, Ovasitol, etc”. The only thing I have found for pcos is a product that contains only 600 mg of D-Chiro-Inositol and 50mg of Magnesium. If I would to buy it.. Would that amount be enough? Would I start ovulating and having periods? Or do I need yes or yes to take Myo-Inositol together with D-Chiro-Inositol to have positive results? In what natural products could I find Myo-Inositol, if I were to take them together? Thank you so much in advance!!

  27. Is it safe to take the 2 daily doses of Pregnitude with 1500mg Metformin and a prenatal with 400mc of folic acid? Just ttc and had good ovulation on 50mg of climid..don’t know results yet. What I do notice is an AF mild breakout on back…a little on face. Thus far, only YAZ has fully suppressed all PCOS symptoms (can’t take that now). Also, when do pregnancy hormones suppress the PCOS hormones…dear god please say early in pregnancy, lol!

  28. For best results do not consume caffeine!! It raises your cortisol levels which you body then uses androgen production to balance out! This is extremely important for women with PCOs as it has a greater effect on insulin levels and androgen levels. I started taking myo-inositol and within three weeks my skin was clearer than it had been in years, coupled with no caffeine! I’m a coffee lover at heart but it isn’t worth the hair growth, acne, and mood swings

  29. I was diagnosed with pcos probably 15 years ago now. I do a lot of reading and I feel like I’ve had it my entire life because I Remember symptoms as a child. My weight flunctuates a lot, although I am now at my largest. I have a full beard with a 5oclock shadow, My cholesterol is almost triple what it should be and so is my testosterone. I have never conceived. I cant take it anymore, I need to help myself.

    I have been taking, for 2 weeks now, 2000mg inositol with 1000mg cinnamon, 800mg folic acid, 1200mg fish oil and 5000iu vitamin D in the morning and the same at night minus the folic acid.

    I really can tell a difference. My facial hair is growing slower, I had so much energy today that I just had to go to the ball park and walk some of it off. I feel like I have lost a pound or 2 but I am also on a mental trip about my weight and trying to eat right. I dropped sodas all together. I also feel like I am happier.

    However, I have not started a period but spotted on 2 seperate days. I am waiting and ready with my ovulation app.

    I started all of this because 1, I am getting way too fat. 2, I am 34, my husband is 45 and neither of us have children and would love just 1.

    Even if I don’t wind up pregnant, I feel like I will probably stay on this routine. It surely does feel like it’s helping.

    Just a vent, nobody around me understands. I have 2 girlfriends with pcos and they don’t study it like I do.

    1. Diane I’m in the same boat. It’s very embarrassing to have the 5 o’clock shadow and a woman. I would love to hear how your journey is going. I’m 43. Recently divorced new boyfriend so we are hoping for baby #1. You can email me at babytazgrl@yahoo.com

  30. I would like to get some advice. I am 44 with PCOS, with the acne and hair growth. I have ordered OVA BOOST and MYO-INOSITOL. I have been trying to have my first child and it has been a rollercoaster.
    I have had all the proper scans and procedures to check for blocked tubes, cancer etc. I am going in the right direction?
    My Gyno. Only sees me going for the most expensive treatments to achieve my preganancy goals.
    Any information would be appreciated.


    Thanks for reading

    1. Tina I pray that you have a baby soon. I’m 43 pics and no babies. So I know the pain.

      1. Melanie,
        Thank you for your response. I am getting older and I purchased Ovaboost and Myo-Inositol. So I will see how it goes, but it is so much and too much. Just so stressful about becoming a mother.

        Thanks for your response!

  31. Given all its benefits for pcos, why it’s not prescribed by doctors as compared to metaformin, especially in UK? Is there any negative side effects?

  32. I have horrible pcos acne that won’t seem to go away, I’m taking inofolic, a supplement of inositol and folic acid, it regulated my periods but acne is still bad, was thinking of taking vitex or estrobloc at the same time as inofolic, is it safe? I don’t want to stop inofolic

      1. I haven’t tried that yet, do you suggest I take it in capsules, tea, or apply it topically?
        …Thank you! 🙂

  33. is there anything like this stuff that isn’t necessarily for fertility because i just wanna get rid of the acne and weight but i don’t really ever wanna get pregnant

  34. I was on Metformin for almost 2.5 years with no change in my cycles and/or ovulation. I started Vitex and it helped some – I had a cycle maybe every 3 or 4 months but no ovulation. I started Myo-inositol and in less than 2 months I started having a regular cycle and ovulating. I also found that weight loss was another added bonus from taking the Myo-inositol – I’ve lost almost 60 lbs since starting this supplement. I’m happy to say after about 7 months on Myo-inositol I found out I was pregnant. My reproductive endo told me it would probably never happen without taking fertility drugs. I’m currently almost 8 months pregnant with my little miracle. Under doctor’s advice I continued taking the Myo-inositol during my pregnancy and I haven’t gained any weight but my baby is completely healthy. Also I passed my glucose test with flying colors (there’s a study out there that shows taking Myo-inositol decreases your risk of developing gestational diabetes as well). I’m a firm believer in Myo-inositol and plan to continue taking it to keep my cycles in order and help with the unwanted side effects of PCOS.