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Megan’s PCOS Fertility Success Story

Hello!  My name is Megan, and I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 20.  Thanks to OvuSense, PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program, and chiropractic help from my doctor, I achieved fertility with PCOS, and now I’m now pregnant with my first baby correlating exactly when OvuSense told me I had ovulated!

My cycles used to be regular when first started getting my period in middle school.  However, once I hit high school, they became irregular.  Later on, when my husband and I wanted to start having kids, we first tried to induce ovulation with Clomid as prescribed by my doctor but, I did not ovulate according to the blood tests.  The same results came back when we tried Femara and an HCG trigger shot.

All of these drugs made me feel very ill, and I believe contributed to weight gain and depression. My next step was to see a specialist; but, knowing that they would just include more drugs and shots, we decided to try some natural approaches.

How I found Fertility Success

I then decided to take Amy Medling’s online PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program after reading all about it on her website. This class taught me how to eat, exercise, and live the “PCOS Diva” lifestyle in order to combat the effects of PCOS. Living the “Diva Lifestyle” helped me to feel better however, I still had difficulty losing weight, and struggled with depression and anovulatory cycles.  


Enter Ovusense

It was at this time that Amy teamed up with OvuSense.  OvuSense selected a few of us Diva Lifestyle Grads to trial the new OvuSense fertility monitors and was one of them! I was so excited to get an accurate reading of my  temperatures to finally see what was going on in my body.

Unfortunately, my fears were confirmed when I started using the OvuSense in April of 2015: I was not ovulating at all. My temps were super low; my graph on the chart was always dragging along the very bottom, with absolutely no rises, and very long cycles.

The Next Step

Something had to be done! My husband had met a chiropractor, Dr. Joe Henry Rodriguez with Maximized Living. He said that, with his corrective chiropractic care, he could help us. I decided to take a chance with him. My X-rays showed that my spine in the low back region was very messed up, hence affecting my reproductive system. They also showed that my neck had an extreme forward head lean. This would affect my thyroid, and also how my brain would communicate with the rest of my body through my nerves.

From my very first chiropractic adjustment, my temperatures on my OvuSense were rising! How incredible to be able to watch my body go back into health with chiropractic on my OvuSense! I always thought that I had a healthy spine, and I never thought chiropractic would be the answer, but you really don’t know until you get checked! I suddenly started dropping weight, my depression left, and my cycles became more regular.

Dr. Rodriguez encouraged me to continue to eat healthy, exercise (especially HIIT, the best workout for controlling blood sugar and stress), and to read scripture.

After 6 months of chiropractic care, I got my first confirmed ovulation on my OvuSense machine!  A few weeks later, I got a positive pregnancy test!  “Baby Kophamer” is due September 24, correlating exactly when OvuSense told me I ovulated!

I would highly recommend to ALL women with have PCOS to get checked by a corrective care chiropractor. Your central nervous system controls EVERY bodily function, including your reproductive organs!  A corrective care chiropractor can help heal your central nervous system so that your body can perform the way God created it to!

We are so thankful that God led us to meet Amy Medling, OvuSense, and Dr. Rodriguez so that He could create this miracle!  We truly give Him all the praise and thanks for this blessing.

Best wishes and best of luck to everyone trying to conceive.  I know exactly what you are going through!

Megan xx


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