114- PCOS Advocacy News & Opportunities - PCOS Diva
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114- PCOS Advocacy News & Opportunities

“The lack of research has translated to the lack of knowledge of PCOS in the general public and in the medical community.” – Sasha Ottey

Sasha Ottey is at the forefront of PCOS advocacy. She and her non-profit organization, PCOS Challenge, lead the way in furthering the causes of research funding, patient and doctor education, and community awareness. If you are wondering what is happening in the world of PCOS and how to get involved in a large or small way, tune in as we discuss:

  • PCOS Challenge’s mission and offerings
  • The PCOS Diva/PCOS Challenge Confidence Grant and a new one coming soon
  • Advocacy Day in Washington DC & how to be involved there or at home
  • Opportunities to get involved and volunteer for PCOS Challenge
  • Upcoming events in cities around the U.S. including PCOS Awareness Weekend on September 20th in Orlando

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