142 - Maximize Fitness: Pairing Movement with Your Natural Cycles - PCOS Diva
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142 – Maximize Fitness: Pairing Movement with Your Natural Cycles

“Exercise doesn’t have to look the way that you’ve read about in the fitness magazines, from the gym or workout video, or from a personal trainer. Just ask yourself these questions, “What movement would best for me right now? What would be fun? What would be enjoyable? What would ignite some movement within me from the inside?”

Jenni Hulburt

You know how sometimes your mind wants to go, but your body says no? Jenni Hulbert is a holistic fitness specialist, and she helps women “live and sweat in sync with nature.” I love this more intuitive and mindful approach to exercise, movement, and fitness. Exercise doesn’t have to be about training harder, causing stress, overtaxing our system, and creating more problems. Jenni encourages tracking your natural ebbs and flows, whether it is syncing with your menstrual cycle or other natural rhythms. Learning when your body wants to move-it and when it needs rest can be the key to long-lasting habits. Listen in or read the transcript to learn more about how to pair movement with your natural cycles and get the results you are looking for.

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