17 - Optimal Prenatal and Pregnancy Care with PCOS - PCOS Diva
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17 – Optimal Prenatal and Pregnancy Care with PCOS

Most women with PCOS struggle with fertility; I know I did.  I frequently hear from women who are not only concerned about getting pregnant, but about maintaining a healthy pregnancy. I am often asked if there are there increased risks in pregnancy with PCOS and whether supplements help. My recent conversation with Rebecca Murray, APRN, outlined many ways that women can best prepare for pregnancy as well as what they can do to enjoy a healthy, issue-free pregnancy.  During our 45 minute interview, Rebecca’s integrative approach to fertility touched on important topics including:

  • 3 things to do before you even think about getting pregnant
  • Tests you should consider before and during pregnancy
  • Progesterone related miscarriage and how to prevent it
  • Supplements you should take during pregnancy
  • Managing your risk of gestational diabetes
  • The link between preeclampsia and magnesium deficiency

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