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42- The Most Important Habit for Thriving with PCOS

Honoring yourself is not about why and how to pamper yourself, and it’s not about turning your back on those who need you. The issues surrounding giving and receiving are much deeper. When you honor yourself you are respecting, appreciating, and giving birth to your best self, so that you can give creatively and abundantly in ways that honor others.” –Patricia Spadaro

Self-care is possibly the most important part of thriving with PCOS.  Without it, all the diet and lifestyle changes are diminished.  It also may be the Honor_Yourself_Inner_Art_Giving_and_Receivinghardest part for many women (like me). Ask yourself:

  • Am I “allergic” to saying no?
  • Do I confuse constantly being busy with being strong?
  • Is constant giving the source of my chronic stress?
  • Where am I on my to-do list?
  • Do I feel guilty when taking time for myself?
  • Is sacrificing an excuse to avoid rejection or confrontation?

Patricia Spadaro says it is time to open your heart and say, “I deserve to bring forth my gifts.” In this podcast we discuss how to establish the healthy habit of honoring yourself. It is a habit that will improve your life; I promise.

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