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57 – The Secrets of a Sustainable PCOS Diet & Lifestyle

“One of the first things about maintaining a sustainable approach towards dealing with PCOS is acknowledging and addressing these inner symptoms and feelings. How can we help the woman feel better about herself and who she is and accept certain realities about her body type and then work toward a healthy lifestyle and see if anything changes, but not think, ‘I have to starve myself skinny.’ That’s not how it works with PCOS.” – Carol Lourie

This summer I met a kindred spirit. Carol Lourie is a functional medicine practitioner, naturopath, acupuncturist and homeopath with over 30 years of experience in helping women with PCOS recover using an integrative approach. She and I agree that a combination of a healthy lifestyle and the correct supplements is the way to attend to the PCOS imbalance from the inside out. Listen as we discuss:

  • creating a sustainable, healthy PCOS lifestyle
  • how to approach PCOS with your teenage daughter
  • her recommended diet (& how to eat away from home)
  • her recommended supplements (including the right way to take berberine)
  • how to decrease your inflammatory quotient
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