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68 – Herbs for PCOS

“Herbs can play a beautiful role of really amplifying and speeding up the healing process so quickly.”

My dear friend, health coach Magdalena Wszelaki shares some of her favorite herbs and spices with us and explains how they can help us heal our PCOS and balance hormones.

  • Cinnamon is popular for managing sugar levels, but what type is best and how much do you use?
  • Matcha Tea offers a sustained boost to your energy levels. What’s the best way to prepare it?
  • Chasteberry (Vitex) is popular for restoring ovulation and regulating your luteal phase, but there are some who should avoid it.

Also, read Magdalena’s article on seed rotation.

Register for Magdalena’s free online workshop  or her Herbs for Balance program to learn more! 
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