70 - The Dangers of Depo - PCOS Diva
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70 – The Dangers of Depo

“Every woman should understand the short and long-term side effects, risks, and recovery. Otherwise, that isn’t informed consent.”

-Dr. Poppy Daniels

The Depo shot is a widely prescribed hormonal birth control which comes with a litany of possible life altering side effects that are not typically explained to patients before they begin taking the drug. One of my favorite podcast guests, Dr. Poppy, returns to explain the dangers as outlined in her book, The Dangers of Depo: The World’s Most Dangerous Birth Control. Even if you’re not on or considering Depo, listen in to learn more about the risks of Depo and gain a better understanding of hormonal birth control and other options.

Did you know?

  • Depo increases risk of: HIV, bone loss, immune system suppression, decreased estrogen, increased testosterone, worsened insulin resistance, hypertension, depression, and breast cancer
  • Depo is a steroid and carries all of the steroid side effects

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