82 - Healing with PCOS and Disordered Eating - PCOS Diva
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82 – Healing with PCOS and Disordered Eating

PCOS Podcast 82 healing PCOS for disordered eating75 percent of women report disordered eating behaviors or symptoms consistent with eating disorders; so, three out of four have an unhealthy relationship with food or their bodies” -University of North Carolina Medical School

Food is often at the center of discussions involving PCOS. It should come as no surprise that eating disorders are prevalent among those of us living with the syndrome. Carrie Forrest understands the struggle. Listen (or read the transcript) as she shares her story of recovery as well as some of the coping and healing mechanisms she has employed. Among other things, we discuss:

  • Possible triggers of eating disorders
  • Why extreme diets (Keto, etc.) are possible red flags
  • Healing your relationship with yourself
  • Perfectionism and control
  • Finding a sustainable way of eating (and indulging) and exercising to improve your quality of life

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