83 - The Unexpected Ways Diet Impacts Your Health - PCOS Diva
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83 – The Unexpected Ways Diet Impacts Your Health

PCOS Podcast 83 Magdalena“The why is equally important because once you understand what goes on in the body and how food can impact the various parts of our body, that impact then the hormones, you are much more motivated to start making changes.” – Magdalena Wszelaki

Magdalena Wszelaki is one of my favorite podcast guests and the author of the brand-new book, Cooking for Hormone Balance. She rejoins the podcast to discuss her “three-legged stool approach” to hormonal balance and offer practical advice on how to use foods (including herbs) to manage your overall health as well as specific symptoms. Listen in (or read the transcript) as we discuss:

  • foods to choose for gut health and hormone balance
  • estrogen dominance symptoms and healing
  • PMS & why it’s not normal
  • risks of removing your gallbladder
  • coffee consumption and alternatives

PCOS Podcast 82 healing PCOS for disordered eating

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