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Anne Marie

Before I decided to take the leap and sign up for Amy’s 7 Day Jumpstart Program, I felt like I had hundreds of little pieces of info about PCOS and what to do about each symptom, but I felt like none of these pieces all fit together to help me know exactly what I was needing to do to help me feel better. I felt very confused and not sure where to start to get my PCOS under control.

Through the 7 day Jumpstart I was able to realize how feeling better can impact your whole being. Not only your mood, but your self-esteem and that boost gives you the need and want to continue feeling better and more confident to move forward!

Taking the time and investment in ones self is not something many women with PCOS tend to do. Being able to realize that taking care of yourself is one of the best gifts you not only give to yourself but to those you love around you as well, and the Jumpstart program will help you make this a reality! Why not try and let Amy help you get a better version of yourself out of its shell?! The blossom is waiting to open inside all of us if we’ll allow it, and I feel Amy’s program is just the MiracleGrow to this process for women with PCOS. She completely takes the guess work out of what women with PCOS need to be doing to nurture their bodies!

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