Holly - PCOS Diva


The Sparkle Program gave me a much better understanding about what we actually put into our bodies when we are not aware. The program was educational as well as a great way to start the process of getting rid of sugars, carbs and gluten. While I will slowly add some of those things back in my diet, I will also choose to stay away from dairy, carbs, caffeine and definitely eat less sugar and gluten. I feel much better without these things in my diet and will try to continue. I also choose to clean up my home environment, slowly, but I will make different choices when purchasing laundry detergent, cooking utensils and plastics. I have a much better understanding of toxins in our bodies and living environments and how to start taking steps to improve. Because of this I feel better and feel better about myself. I feel this Program, while only 14 days, gave me a wealth of knowledge I hadn’t received in the 17 years since I was diagnosed with PCOS from any doctor. Thank you Amy for starting me on a new path! I would definitely participate in the Sparkle Program in the future.

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