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Before the 7 Day Jumpstart, I was feeling like I couldn’t accomplish anything.  I felt alone, depressed, hurt, and defeated.  As a result of participating in this program, I have accomplished so many things.

Firstly, I have gained a new understanding of cooking healthy food.  I’ve never cooked before to the extent I have this past week.  Not only was it refreshing, it was also fun and exciting.  Secondly, I learned more about self care, positive thinking, and being grateful for things in my life.  Thirdly, I learned that I am not alone in my PCOS journey.  There are a lot more women out there like me.  I don’t feel like I am the only one anymore.  Fourth, I lost 3 pounds this week. I wasn’t expecting to lose any…what a plus.  Finally, I learned to find help and resources to better myself.  I learned the I don’t have to go it alone.  I also learned that if I just try, I CAN do it!

Throughout the 7 Day Jumpstart, I experienced new feelings…with my body and my mind.  I learned how to turn off negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.  This Jumpstart has not only impacted my life, but that of my family. My Mom has been changing the way she eats along with my Dad.  Two weeks ago, my Mom’s blood sugar was over 200, now it’s down to 100 and she’s also lost 3 pounds!

Sometimes the hardest part of change is getting started.  Once you get started, and learn the tricks, it’s actually easy to keep going.  Aside from losing a little bit of weight, it’s the ‘feeling better’ part that everyone should be thinking about.  After just one week of clean and healthy eating, I no longer have migraines, stomach issues, brain fog or fatigue.  Also, my arthritis pain has alleviated as well.

Another reason I would recommend this program is getting in tune with yourself…learning positive self care habits and learning to shut down the negative self talk will do wonders for your psyche.

I would do this program again in a heartbeat!

– Julie

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