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Hi Amy! I had some exciting news and I had to share it with you. I don’t know if you will recall but I emailed you prior to the last Jumpstart asking your advice on whether you thought the diet and Jumpstart plan could help with amenorrhea. I was concerned it would not benefit me as I already ate quite healthy and I am a healthy weight. Well I soon realized how beneficial the Jumpstart was for my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I am a Diva now and loving life.

But the benefits continue to develop. a few months ago I read an article that you so graciously shared regarding gluten and PCOS. After heavily weighing the decision to go GF I decided it was worth a try and found out that my body is intolerant to it as when I reintroduce it I suffer. 3-4 months of going gluten free and my period spontaneously showed up this week!! It has been completely absent for years. I am so excited and wanted to share this with you as you have been such a source of knowledge for me and have helped me begin to balance out my hormones naturally. I am so grateful! Truly I have tried everything and it wasn’t until I found the PCOS Diva that my body began to function properly.

– Laura

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