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Since completing Amy’s Jumpstart Program I feel lighter! I’m sure I lost a pound or two, but more importantly I gained the tools to help me feel better. My body doesn’t hurt as much as it did just a week ago. My sleep is better. My puffiness is greatly reduced and my eyes seem clearer. I’m motivated to think about *why* I’m doing something that’s not great for my body, and I’m stopping the action. I don’t binge at night anymore (Trust me, going even one night not eating after dinner was a win, but seven is a super win!) My family has had yummy, home cooked meals every night. No take-out and all of our bodies feel better for that! And while my market bill was a bit higher than usual, I’ve seen an overall savings since I’m not buying breakfast or junk snacks everyday anymore.

This Program is so very much worth your investment. Take it slow and do what you can. The Jumpstart gives you the tools to incorporate positive changes everyday into your life. You’ll have immediate results in terms of how you feel, and maybe even on the scale. But the changes you’ll feel are more internal than external, at least initially. Jumpstart helps you reframe your thoughts, helps you focus on the positive, and gives you the courage to keep going. I have so many options and methods now to help me get through the tougher times with a better mindset and healthier attitude. I don’t need to lose myself in a bag of cheese curls anymore. I have options now for giving myself the love and care I need in a more nourishing way. It’s about the food, yes, but more importantly it’s about the change in my mindset. The cravings will be here for a while, I know, but I do believe that now I can manage them. I am in control, not PCOS or food.

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