Melissa - PCOS Diva
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Before starting the 7-Day Jumpstart I had major brain fog, was tired all the time, bloated and my acne was going crazy! I was feeling like I had lost all control over my PCOS and I had no clue how to stop it from spinning! I was CRAVING sugar and carbs of all kinds. I knew I needed to stop this craving but wasn’t sure how to do it correctly.  Since completing the Program, I have become more active in planning my meals ahead of time so that I make healthier choices.  I’m trying new foods that I would typically have stayed away from and I’m finding stuff that I love to eat!

I have moved myself up towards the top of my priority list. I’m finding with preplanning I have more time in the mornings and the evenings during the week to spend with my kids or squeezing in a quick workout. I have realized that even though I do not have the full support of others, that all I need is the support of myself to make these healthy life style changes.  And it feels GREAT!

– Melissa

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