More Jumpstart Testimonials - PCOS Diva
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More Jumpstart Testimonials

Here are a few more comments from Divas who participated in this transformative week!

“Through the Jumpstart Program I finally realized that it doesn’t have to be hard to lead a healthy, diva lifestyle! Also, I found that it was easier to not be so hard on myself when I make a wrong food choice or if I’m not feeling good regarding my outer appearance. Actually finishing the Jumpstart made me feel so much better about myself because I took a chance and allowed myself to feel a transformation that I will be doing from now on. It doesn’t have to be hard, frustrating, overwhelming, or scary to embark on anything new especially when you have all of the tools right in from of you.  If you’re thinking that the price of Jumpstart may be a little steep I dare you to take a leap of faith and still try it out!

It will be worth it in the end because you will have so many tools to help you in the future! The financial portion will always work itself out  and anything is worth doing if it means that you have a chance at controlling your PCOS.”
– Ashley S. *

“Jumpstart can help to mold and shape a “new” you! Healthy clean eating has done wonders for me, not only do I feel great, but I have lost weight as well. No more tired afternoons, no real cravings for junk foods, no more bloat or feeling too full and no bathroom issues. I used to have lots of aches and pains in the evening, but not now. You do have to work hard, but in the long run I wish that I had found Amy years ago!

Amy’s methods help you understand what you need to nourish your body and help you get to a better YOU.”
-Samantha P. *

“I was lost in trying to understand the right foods to eat for PCOS. PCOS Diva laid out the information in an easy to follow format and helped make me successful on my journey. I have added lots of vegetables, like kale, into my diet.  The meal plan really helped me to see what foods I should be looking for and how to make better food choices.”
– Erin C. *

“I feel clearer headed and have more energy.  I have lost a few pounds, though that wasn’t my main goal.  My main goal was to feel less joint pain, and though I still have some, for the most part it is definitely less – THANK YOU! I was desperate for something other than drugs to treat my PCOS.  I love Amy’s approach of making my kitchen my pharmacy for healing my body! I had set backs but did not feel guilty.  We all come from different places. I was proud of myself to see how far I have come, each and every day. I found a happier and healthier me!”
– Melissa S. *

“Through the 7 Day Jumpstart I learned that the “healthy” foods I was preparing were not necessary healthy for women with PCOS. I committed entirely to the meals and after four days my energy levels increased so much that I no longer require my nap after work! After seven days I felt lighter, less bloated, and when I measured my waist I had lost 1.5 inches! I can truly say the Jumpstart will not be a passing fad. It has changed the way I eat and the way I look at food from now on.”
– Tonya M. *

“Through the 7 Day Jumpstart I got the kick-in-the-butt I needed to make better choices for myself and had the support to do it.  I am empowered to take control of my eating habits without feeling deprived or guilty if I allow myself to indulge.  My husband told me on Day 6, “You look good!”  And I felt pretty good too!  Making changes doesn’t have to be unpleasant and I am really proud of myself for trying this out.  This was like 7 days of PCOS group therapy and makes me hopeful for the future.”
– Laura B. *

“Wow. I love the phrase you used…foods to fill you, not FULFILL you. I’m not cloudy or drowsy, not bloated. I feel AMAZING!  I was given the tools and knowledge about how to care for myself, care for my PCOS, care for my emotional health, as well as my physical. I learned so much more than what foods to eat. I found my willpower and inner strength again. I rediscovered the Diva inside me…and she is so happy to be let out of that grumpy, tired, depressed shell that was me before the Jumpstart!”
-Amy E. *

“Through the 7 Day Jumpstart I am no longer hungry!  I feel satisfied and do not crave carbs, sugar, and caffeine anymore.  I feel like my body is truly starting to heal itself, my acne is healing, my skin feels soft, I lost 6 pounds!  I also was able to fit into a pair of capris that I haven’t been able to wear! I feel like there is hope at the end of the tunnel.  It is possible for me to feel and look good.  I am going to be able to use what I learned this week for the rest of my life.”
– Jessica C. *

” I am less tired, more aware of what I am eating and doing.  I am thrilled with the progress I have made, the way I feel and the weight that has started to come off.”
– Wendy W. *

“I am shocked and amazed at how this week has made me feel. I actually feel my age now and not much older! So excited to continue!” – Jami W. *

“It really is a life changer! I lost 40lbs and kept it off through 2 vacations and the holidays as well.”
– Alicia H. *

“I loved the changes I have experienced during the Discover Your Diva 7-day Jumpstart Program. I have noticed IBS symptoms subside, I have less brain fog, more energy and I lost 11lbs.” *

“I was very concerned that with 4 other people to feed who were used to my cooking, it would be overwhelming. It has been surprising how much they have been accepting of the new menu and foods in the house.  The meal plans and recipes have been a terrific help.” *
“I’m so glad I did it the Jumpstart Program! I am hooked! I never knew how great I could feel!  Thank you Amy!” *

“All the materials were so helpful and the food suggestions were great. The website was also nice people shared their personal stories and helped to know that we are not alone. Amy – you are a true coach and inspiration.” *

“I think that  the greatest gift so far for me is the ability to not feel guilty for eating and enjoying my food and to know that balance is achievable.” *

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