Sharene - PCOS Diva
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Before completing the Jumpstart Program my biggest frustration was that doctors and specialists kept telling me what to do (change your diet and lifestyle) but never explained, or showed me how to make these changes. They couldn’t relate as they did not have PCOS. Jumpstart has given me this knowledge and allowed me to experience what needs to be done, holistically looking at all aspects of one’s life, making changes, without me feeling like I couldn’t do it. It’s difficult to know where to begin in explaining the transformation I personally experienced by participating in this program. I was introduced to foods I had never bought or eaten before. I have started to form new, good habits in all aspects of my life, I am setting aside much needed time for me, I am eating a healthy, more balanced diet, I feel so much more energised and I have gained knowledge and understanding of what to do to make these and many more changes to my life so that PCOS no longer controls me! Jumpstart is a brilliant program to say the least. I have changed my whole approach to life (especially eating). I want to be my Diva vision and through this programme I know I CAN be her. My advice to other women contemplating the Jumpstart Program is DO IT, Make the time. Do it FOR you! Just DO IT. You won’t be sorry!! In all seriousness, it will provide you with a practical, holistic way of changing and managing your PCOS going forward.

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