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Wren N.

Wren sent an update October 2013: “I just got my yearly lab results back today and everything is normal!!! I have dropped my cholesterol, reduced estrogen and testosterone, increased progesterone, fixed blood sugar and kept it steady, upped my iron, B, etc. The only thing that was still low was D, so I am switching brands. And I have lost another 15lbs (still a little more to go, but so close!). It has been over 15 years since I have seen normal levels on labs. I always dread having them done. Thank you so much to Amy and to all you ladies that I know understand and support me on this journey. I am feeling so blessed and grateful today.”

“I knew I needed to connect with other women overcoming the same hurdles and to establish new ways ofliving and viewing my life.The changes in my life went way beyond the scope of the program. When you remove the toxins from your body, you become inspired to remove the toxins from your life. I let go of things that I had being carrying as weight on my shoulders. When you establish new healthy habits in food, exercise and positivity, you search for other ways you can treat yourself with more respect and love. My marriage is stronger. My children are so happy to have a mom with energy and my friends say I practically glow. Best of all, I have inspired some of my other friends and family to see if the things I am doing might work for them as well.

Jumpstart is so much more than a collection of healthy, tasty recipes. You get those too but you also get sage advice, community and guided practice in being the women you always hoped was just under the surface.

Feeling like a DIVA isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s a terrifically powerful way of life. Thank you, Amy, for helping me get a Jumpstart on the rest of my life.”

– Wren N.

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