Zipporah R. - PCOS Diva
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Zipporah R.

Before Jumpstart, I had a hard time waking up and used to get sleepy throughout the day, even while driving. Fatigue controlled me. Although I exercised and ate healthy foods, I was gaining more pounds in one day than I could lose in one month and acne was a constant struggle. In 2008, doctors suspected, but never told me that I had PCOS. When I was finally officially diagnosed my doctor said, “Don’t eat fruit, carbs or meat. Go vegan.” Well, I hated salads and I hated cooking but I did lose 20 lbs. following the doctor’s advice.  It came at a price though, it didn’t seem healthy to not eat fruit, carbs or meat and I became even more tired.

So, I decided to join the Spring PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program because it was time to focus on ME in a very positive way. I wanted to feel like a Diva.  I wanted clarity on how to live a lifestyle that would help me feel better. After a week participating in the Jumpstart Program, I woke up (without an alarm clock) at 5am and started my exercise routine. I had way more energy after Jumpstart than before I started the program. During the program, I never once needed a nap! My acne didn’t flare up as much, and my blood sugar levels decreased.

I began to embrace my inner Diva, and even redecorated my apartment. The program helped me reclaim what I thought PCOS took away – my womanhood! My family can see the positive changes in me and I really like cooking for them! Wow! What a change!

I’ve lost 6 lbs. since the beginning of the Spring Jumpstart. I love my salad now (I use spinach and kale instead of lettuce) and it made all the difference in the world. And I’m exercising more!!! People keep asking me, “Why are you glowing?” And the days I get off of my eating plan; I can see and feel the difference within just one day. But, the best part of the program was the support I got from Amy and other Jumpstart Divas on the Private Forum. I received more support and learned more from my fellow Divas than I ever did from my own doctors. I guess what they say is right, “Knowledge is power.” Amy, thanks for giving me the knowledge so I could take control of my PCOS!!!

– Zipporah R.


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