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The protein powder has the best texture, taste and quality ingredients that I can find anywhere. – Savannah

I tried the smoothie bundle and I love the products because I feel full, energized and healthier overall. – Amanda

Since using the Essentials Bundle, Ovasitol and the Smoothie Bundle I am able to wake up in the mornings without nausea, headaches, and terrible mood swings. I can go about my day without debilitating anxiety and self-doubt and I can finally enjoy my life.  Thank you, Amy! – Melissa

When I drink the PCOS Diva smoothies, I struggle less with mood swings throughout the day. When I was going through a serious depression, the fiber took the edge off of the blood sugar dip that would send me into a dark hole. -Nancy

PCOS Diva Smoothie Bundle Subscription

Protein + Fiber + Greens

From: $172.00 every 3 months

PCOS Diva Smoothie Bundle Subscription

From: $172.00 every 3 months


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When I was a fledgling Diva, smoothies were my savior.  Now, years later, with my PCOS symptoms squarely under control, I still enjoy one each morning. Smoothies are the simplest way to pack all of the nutrients you need in one glass.  The PCOS Diva Power Smoothie Bundle offers you three of the most important elements of nutrition in one easy package.  First, PCOS Diva Power Protein packs the nutritional punch you need with 21 highly concentrated grams of protein per serving to deliver energy and promote healthy blood sugar management.* Then, PCOS Diva Power Fiber offers 12 types of fiber per scoop to help manage normal insulin production and keep you full and satisfied.* Finally, PCOS Diva Power Greens delivers the nutrition of fruit, vegetables and greens that your body needs for sustained energy and every day health.*

You get all of this in one powerful package at 10% off the individual product price.

I searched long and hard for protein, greens and fiber powders I could trust to consistently deliver high quality nutrients.  I finally found it  with one of the most respected nutraceutical companies in the United States.   In fact, they are GMP certified, which means their products are held to the highest quality standards.  I am excited to share this windfall with you.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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