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Using fresh, seasonal food is the cornerstone of the PCOS Diva Lifestyle! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are often less expensive and fresher! Just as the change in seasons turn in a cyclical pattern, so do our bodies. PCOS symptoms may include irregular cycles, irritability, depression, and lethargy. PCOS Diva recipes transition with the seasons, helping our bodies to return to their regular rhythm.

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Spring is the natural time to detox, and you’ll feel more energized and lighter with greens, lentils, and berries. Just as we feel lighter on a lighter day, these foods will give us the lift and energy we need.

Enjoy the summer sun with light and fresh ingredients such as grilled chicken, shrimp, and fresh smoothies to cool you down. We all want to be playing outside in the summer, and for women with PCOS, these cooling foods will refresh us, allowing us to get back to the things we love to do outside.

In the fall, I turn towards warming autumn harvest foods including squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, and garlic. This season lends itself to preparation for the winter, and we’ll transition using foods of the harvest.

Winter hibernation means we need more sustenance such as fats and richer roasts, stews, chili and gumbo, just spicy enough to keep us warm. These hearty foods will give us energy throughout the cold months, while reducing cravings.

Who doesn’t love the convenience of a slow cooker? These recipes have been designed to help women with PCOS feel their best by eating nutrient-rich food that takes little time and effort to prepare.

The 6-Week Meal Plans are for YOU if:

  • You’re ready to start managing your PCOS but are overwhelmed and don’t know what to eat.
  • You’re confused about whether you should be eating low-carb or no-carb and just want to feel more energy.
  • You’re sick of eating the same limited foods over and over and are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen.
  • You’re super busy, and you don’t have time to plan your meals each week.
  • You want to stick to your PCOS diet and need recipes your whole family will enjoy.
  • Want to save money by actually USING all the food you buy each week.

You are in luck, PCOS Meal Plans can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What if I don’t know how to cook?”
If you are a beginner, never fear. All our recipes are simple. You’ll have the Meal Plan forever, so there is no need to rush. Instead, you will begin by selecting only the number of new recipes that you feel comfortable with. After all, a little bit of nutrition is better than no nutrition!

Q: “How to I begin to change my everyday routine? I love my morning coffee.””
With PCOS comes a host of symptoms, and the food we eat can reduce these symptoms. Start by making just a few changes to your lifestyle at a time. Instead of thinking about what we have to give up, we’re going to look at how the foods can support our bodies. When you begin to feel at your most, you’ll want to keep these delicious recipes forever!

Q: “How can changing my eating habits increase fertility?””
When our bodies are in balance, they begin to function properly, and that includes fertility! We’ll look at what foods create imbalances that increase PCOS symptoms and irregular cycles, and by changing them to foods that enhance your body’s function, you can begin to increase fertility!

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