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PCOS DietA healthy diet based on whole, gluten-free, and unprocessed foods is the cornerstone of the PCOS diet.  PCOS Divas understand that food is medicine.  Knowing what to eat and why can help you improve your PCOS symptoms so you will look and feel terrific.  I am frequently asked questions about what women with PCOS should eat.  What can I eat to lose weight? Can the PCOS diet help me get pregnant?  Why should I avoid gluten?  What is the story with soy?  Can I still eat chocolate?

I encourage you to explore these articles and learn more about the PCOS diet.  You will find tons of information about how to take control and nurture your body while healing your symptoms.  Whether you are looking for advice about managing your blood sugar, what sweetener to use, or if you just want a delicious recipe for dinner tonight, you will find it here.

If you would like to try my approach, I encourage you to start with my Seasonal Meal Plans.  These plans take all the guesswork, confusion and overwhelm out of Meal Planning and you’ll be able to heal while eating delicious food your whole family will enjoy.

Knowledge is power!

Chocolate Mint Protein Bars
Chocolate Mint Protein Bars

I always keep a protein bar in my purse (and a couple stashed in the car) for a quick snack on the go.  While I love PCOS Diva Bars, once […]

Heat Up Your Metabolism (Expert Interview)

So, what’s your type?  Dr. Philip Goglia, nutritionist to pro and semi-pro athletes, stars like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Ryan Gosling and even a PCOS Diva, can tell you.  He specializes […]

The 7 Virtues of Butter for PCOS

I grew up in the “Fat Fear” era when margarine and fat-free chocolate Snack-Well cookies were considered smart choices.  It has taken me years recover from the “chemicals are better” […]

healthy Almond raspberry pancakes recipe
PCOS Diet Friendly Spring Brunch Recipes

Spring has sprung!   With the season comes many celebrations from wedding and baby showers, to Mother’s and Father’s Days and more.  I find that these celebrations often revolve around brunch. […]