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Feature-hairlossWhen I was really struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I felt like I could live with most of the physical symptoms – the excess weight, acne and sprouting hairs.   It was the hair loss that was so devastating and almost unbearable.  Hair loss added to my anxiety and depression, and I spent a countless hours in the mirror trying to tease and hairspray my sparse hair to cover my balding crown.  I am happy to say that through living a PCOS Diva lifestyle, my hormones have balanced, my hair loss has subsided, and my hair has grown back.

I invite you to read through this collection of articles and interviews which all explore some aspect of hair loss.  You will find articles examining products that can help disguise or replace thinning hair as well as those that delve into the root causes and what we can do to stop the damage.  Read on to find out about lifestyle changes and treatment options that can lead to the thick, healthy hair you desire.

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