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Feature-supplementsThe best way to manage PCOS symptoms and maintain overall health is with a healthy diet of whole unprocessed foods packed with vitamins and minerals.  Supplementing your diet with key nutrients lends additional support to all of your body’s functions and can optimize your wellness.


Women often ask me which supplements I take, and here is my list:

  • Ovasitol – Helps with insulin sensitivity. Read more here…
  • PCOS Diva Essentials Multivitamin – for maintaining optimal glucose, insulin and leptin levels
  • while helping your body efficiently convert carbohydrates into energy and managing your metabolism, which can mean stable blood sugar levels and less belly fat.
  • PCOS Diva Ultra DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement – for lowering testosterone, reduce fatty liver, cholesterol, triglycerides and lowers blood pressure, help manage mood, improves depression and heightens brain function, improve insulin levels, hair and skin quality, and ovulation, inhibit inflammation.
  • PCOS Diva Vitamin D with Vitamin K1 Supplement – for improving glucose tolerance to support a healthy immune system, boosts fertility by reducing risk of estrogen dominance and reduce insulin resistance.

Below are more articles about supplements, including reviews of supplements I have tried.

Knowledge is power!

resveratrol for PCOS
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Not since the health benefits of chocolate were announced has there been such enthusiasm about research results. Scientists now say that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, can help […]