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PCOS and the PillAs a woman with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), your doctor has very likely suggested that you take a birth control pill to manage your symptoms.  This drug seems to be the first line of defense- a magic pill- for many doctors.  I understand; I had the same conversation with my doctors (and occasionally still do).  While the pill will mask many PCOS symptoms, it may be worsening the underlying causes.  Even worse, many women are not informed of the risks including blood clots, increased insulin resistance, increased risk of heart attack or stroke, loss of valuable nutrients and lower libido.  If you are considering the pill as a tool in controlling your PCOS, I encourage you to read the following articles and make an informed choice.

Knowledge is power!

yeast and polycystic ovarian syndrome
PCOS: The Candida Connection

I never heard of candida until about 8 years ago, when my PCOS was out of control and the naturopath I was seeing asked me to do a spit test. […]