I feel like they were made for me personally * - PCOS Diva
I feel like they were made for me personally *

“Before I purchased the PCOS Diva Meal Plans, I had no understanding of what an appropriate amount of food was. I knew the dietary guide lines for serving sizes, but I didn’t know how to build a meal with that.
Should dinner include 2 servings of starch? 1 serving of vegetables? Also, when I would try to eat healthy, I would end up eating food that wasn’t palatable. Looking through many diet plans, I didn’t know what to
try that would be appropriate for PCOS. The Meal Plans not only provided meals that were both delicious AND healthy, I also learned how to create a balanced meal and how much was appropriate. My blood sugar feels
much more stable throughout the day and I have far fewer cravings. I can tell that these plans have been thoughtfully crafted for the unique needs of women with PCOS–it makes them feel like they were made for me personally.”

-Megan O.