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Gluten and Dairy

Gluten-and-dairyWhat you need to know about Gluten and Dairy for PCOS:

The PCOS Diva food philosophy is all about reducing inflammation.  At the core of my approach is a whole food, plant based, clean protein, gluten-free, dairy-free or low dairy and processed soy free diet.  This way of eating has now helped thousands of women with PCOS, feel better, thrive and regain fertility (many have even become pregnant).

Through my extensive research to understand right foods to nourish and heal my body, I learned that food truly has the power to heal and began crowding out the food that didn’t nourish my body or actual caused more inflammation.

I learned from many different nutrition experts with different backgrounds, and what I have also affirmed through my own clients: the most important key for women with PCOS is that gluten, dairy and other foods cause inflammation, especially for people with autoimmune type conditions.

So, I began crowding out gluten and dairy.  I substituted gluten grains with brown rice and quinoa.  And slowly shifted from cows milk to coconut and nut milks and gradually stopped eating cheese and ice cream.

Amazing things happened.  My acne cleared up, bloating subsided, clarity returned and I just felt better.

If you would like to try my approach, I encourage you to start with my Seasonal Meal Plans.  These plans take all the guesswork, confusion and overwhelm out of Meal Planning and you’ll be able to heal while eating delicious food your whole family will enjoy.

PCOS Meal Plans


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