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Move form Chaos to Control
of Your PCOS in 7 Weeks


October 27th -December 14th
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Join Me and Take Control

You need support, proven advice, and a clear path to healing. Amy Medling, founder of PCOS Diva is your guide in this BRAND NEW 7-week on-line group coaching program. Move from feeling out of control of your symptoms, diet, and life to feeling empowered and in charge of your body. The PCOS Diva Confidence program offers live support and delivers information and practical tips to guide your journey.


The Confidence Program Can Help if You Struggle With

  • Control of holiday sugar cravings Weight Gain 
  • Inflammation Brain fog
  • Blood sugar balance Sleep Issues
  • Acne Hirsutism
  • Bloat Stress
  • Supplement choices Motivation
  • Mood Staying on Track 
  • Fatigue Fertility

Imagine feeling confident, light, and vibrant in 2020!

You get: 

  • Daily on-line support
  • Weekly lessons and resources
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions with Amy
  • Discover Your PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program
  • 7 weeks of PCOS-friendly Menus and Recipes
  • Private Support Community
  • Money Back Guarantee*

Week 1: Preparation & Planning We will hold your hand every step of the way as you prepare for your healing journey, so you start with Confidence!

Week 2: Discover Your PCOS Diva Jumpstart This signature 7-day program has been the key to success for thousands of women. We will jumpstart your healing and get you feeling better fast, so you move forward with Confidence.

Week 3: Meal Planning & Balancing Blood Sugar We work on planning your meals and snacks as well as naturally managing your blood sugar so you move into the holiday season with Confidence that you can overcome sugar cravings.

Week 4: Advanced Supplements & Inflammation Examine the root causes of PCOS while learning to fine tune your diet and supplement regimens, meal prep, and beverage choices (including alcohol).

Week 5: Sleep, Movement, & Mood It’s hard to be Confident when you’re fatigued and foggy. Learn the keys to the ideal movement and sleep routines that will boost your mood and energy to help you face the day with Confidence.

Week 6: Gut Health, Mindset, & Self-Care This week is about balance. Gut health, mindset, and self-care must all be in balance for PCOS symptoms to heal. 

Week 7: Stress & Sustaining Your Confidence Stress can undo all our best efforts. Learn to manage stress and get tips to making your Confident lifestyle sustainable for life!


Seasonal Meal Plan (includes menu, recipes, and shopping lists)

Thriving During the Holidays Guide

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*Money-Back Guarantee: 
If at any time you do not feel that the PCOS Diva Confidence Program is right for you, we will refund the purchase price.