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Sparkle FAQ

I did Jumpstart. Is this the same thing?
No. Sparkle is specifically a detoxification program which includes a functional food based cleanse. It is focused upon removing environmental toxins from your body. Jumpstart focuses on upgrading your diet and lifestyle to heal your body and relieve your PCOS symptoms that are directly related to diet, exercise and lack of self-care.

I haven’t done Jumpstart. Can I still do Sparkle?
Yes! They are separate but complimentary.

Is Sparkle available outside the United States?
Yes and no. PCOS Diva cannot ship products internationally, but you can use a service such as  Keep in mind, it will take longer for shipments to arrive and will include extra shipping fees. Click here for more details.

Will I be hungry the whole time? 

No. Sparkle is a gentle cleanse. You will have 2 delicious shakes, plus a regular meal, plus all the snacks you need to get you through the day.

Will I be uncomfortable during the cleanse?
You should not be uncomfortable. Sparkle is designed to be gentle and easy to follow. Sparkle is not a fast, nor is it a colon cleanse. Each of those can be harsh on your system. You may feel slight withdrawal symptoms if you typically consume a lot of sugar or caffeine.

Will I be in the bathroom all day?
You will be consuming lots of water to help flush the toxins. For that reason, you may be in the bathroom more than usual. Sparkle is not a colon cleanse, though, so it should not be unpleasant.

Will I lose weight?
Sparkle is not a weight loss program. However, it is possible that you may lose weight due to your lower than usual caloric intake, removing sugar from your diet, releasing toxins from fat stores, and eliminating inflammatory foods such as gluten and dairy.

Will I get headaches?
Some people may experience headaches due to sugar or caffeine withdrawal. Gradually reducing these substances may minimize your discomfort. The Sparkle cleanse powder is designed to assist your body in this process quickly and efficiently.

Can I do my usual exercise?
Yes. Some days, you may feel a bit fatigued. On these days, limit yourself to gentle movement such as walking, stretching or yoga.

Should I keep taking my regular supplements?
Yes and no. Sparkle cleanse contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients to help meet your daily requirements. You may suspend other natural supplements during the detox. Continue to take any pharmaceuticals prescribed by your doctor.

Can I participate if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Sorry, Sparkle is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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