Ann Marie - PCOS Diva
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Ann Marie

I found as I was trying to search for answers to why I was feeling the way I did with PCOS. Finding Amy’s website has made such a difference in my life.  I have felt so much more encouraged and empowered since doing Jumpstart last June of 2015! Today I am so much more informed from the articles and listening to the awesome podcasts available.

Now I am using the PCOS Diva products, and they have made me so much more capable of dealing with myself in everyday life!! These products have exactly what my body is lacking and the guess work has been taken out of trying to figure out what I need!  Before I took the Essentials Vitamins I could tell my body was just not getting all of the minerals I need with my diet alone. After starting the vitamins and then running out once, I could tell what an amazing effect they had on my entire body, including less joint ache, and leveled out hormones just to name a few!  Thanks, Amy, for all your hard work and all you do for women! Keep it up!

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