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Before I started the Jumpstart program, I felt like I was groggy and exhausted all the time. Even after trying many fitness boot camps and health programs, I have been unable to loose weight for several years. My health just kept declining and no matter what I’d try, nothing would make a difference. I’d be sitting on the couch thinking about cake, and my body never, ever, felt satisfied with food, I always wanted more. Another reason I was frustrated was fertility. After going on metformin and getting pregnant with my first child, I knew I didn’t want to have to go that route again. I didn’t want to be overweight and pregnant again at the same time.

The final driving force of joining the Jumpstart would be my hormones. They raged!! My testosterone levels have been through the roof, and I would literally have rage. Then, as the test would drop and other hormones would surge, I would be depressed, weepy, and sometimes I literally felt like I was going crazy, jittery, uncomfortable, unstable. I thought, if there is one chance in a hundred that this program could work for me, then it’s worth it.

I had a bit of a roller coaster ride Jumpstart week. Each day felt different from the last, and I went from excited, to exhausted, to crazy energetic, to tired, haha! But it was so worth it. I learned that good food makes you feel good. I thought that even if I didn’t enjoy the food, I was going to eat it until I made myself like it, and I did! I discovered I loved cooking for my family. My husband was thrilled with having me cook every night. We’d cook and dance together in the kitchen and eat dinner together at the table. Then after dinner, he’d get ready for work, so I packed up some leftovers for him that night, and some for me for the next day. It worked out perfect! Now after cooking for him all the time, he can’t stand it if he has to take a turkey sandwich for lunch because “I’ve spoiled him.” My relationship with my husband has gotten sweeter. I’m not sure how that changed, except that for once he is so proud to see me take action, stick with something, and actually be motivated to change.

My body feels amazing (well it’s getting there :)! The energy I have felt makes me get up and dance whenever I have the chance. One of my favorite quotes is “Dance like no one is watching, because they’re not. They’re checking their phones!” Now I have the energy to get up and dance more than ever. I have the drive and ability to get up and play with my daughter or run up the stairs at work. I want to keep moving because it feels so good to move! I haven’t felt that in years.

I weighed myself today, and after my prep week (trying to live the PCOS lifestyle pre-jumstart) and jumpstart week, I’ve lost 10lbs. My clothes fit better. I carry myself differently. I started wearing my favorite clothes again, the ones that make me feel like a Diva. I’ve even been hit on twice! My attitude towards myself has changed. The visualization at the end of Momentum Call really helped me claim my Diva Channel! Any time I catch myself thinking negative thoughts about my body or my failures, I stop, close my eyes, say “change channel” and find that confident woman I know is inside. I was even kicking myself about the Jumpstart. I had managed to do the meal plan perfectly, but had a lot of trouble with the self-care, but I stopped, turned on my Diva Channel, and remembered “Progress not Perfection!” and suddenly the guilt went away!

If you are truly ready to make a change in your life, the Jumpstart program is the perfect way to get started in the right direction. I always see these testimonials and think, “that’s a gimmick,” but the PCOS Diva Jumpstart program is an incredibly rewarding opportunity that provides the tools to empower and change your life. It’s not a quick fix, and it’s not without challenges, but nothing worth having comes easy. Before I discovered PCOS Diva, I had given up hope that life could be different for me. Now, 7 days later, I feel more awake and motivated than I have in years. I’m not craving unhealthy foods, and I know how to eat specifically for my body. My mind is more at peace, and I have learned to be powerfully-positive! If you are concerned with the cost, know that it is a small investment in the rest of your life. If you are ready to love yourself again, jump. You won’t regret it.

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