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April T.

UPDATE: 11/28/12: I JUST FOUND OUT I’M 5 WEEKS PREGNANT!!, Thank you, Amy!

A little about myself. I am 33 with two boys ages 5 and almost 3. I was able to get pregnant naturally,on my own, with my first, but after trying for months to get pregnant with my second, I went in to see my ob/gyn. I told her what had been going on with my cycles, and some of the symptoms I had been experiencing, and that is when she told me that she thought I had PCOS, and that I wasn’t ovulating. She put me on clomid and I conceived him after three cycles. A few months ago, my husband and I decided to try for a third child. So I thought, well, I’ll just go back to my ob/gyn and get on clomid again. Easy,right? Wrong! I stayed on clomid for 4 months and experienced very early miscarriages on 2 of those months. I was feeling so sad. So worn out from the hormones, the ovulation and pregnancy tests, the bloodwork, and the waiting! A month ago, I started feeling the discouragement from my doctor about the clomid not working (I was ovulating, the egg just wasnt sticking) and so that combined with my exhaustion, I decided to take a step back and really focus on getting my health back.

We were really in a rut when it came to our meals, and after all I had been reading up on PCOS, I knew I needed to make some changes to my diet, but there were so many different opinions and ideas that I didn’t know where to start. I was feeling confused and frustrated. Then I found PCOS Diva! Everything I need to know in one place! Information, education, inspiration, and most importantly the foods to help me heal!

Your story inspired me, and now, because of PCOS Diva, I feel that I am on the right track! Right now, I am focusing on my health and having fun with my boys. I have come to the point where I can accept the thought that MAYBE my family is done growing, but I am hoping that MAYBE one day, I will, like you, be surprised by another blessing naturally. Thank you for giving me that hope.

Amy, words can’t describe the amount of relief, thankfulness, and gratitude, I feel for you sharing your personal experiences, knowledge, and your talent for creating the most delicious meals! I am in the middle of my 4th week of the Meal Plan and I am feeling fantastic! I’ve already lost 10lbs and my skin is brightening! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

– April T.

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