Diann - PCOS Diva
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To the Future Divas out there I would say… I have worked so hard over the years exercising that I have worn myself out! I am 52 year old wife and working mother to a beautiful daughter & supportive husband and have tried just about everything. Aerobics, racket ball, dance, half marathons, personal trainer & even liposuction to change my appearance. It has cost me a hip replacement, Achilles tendon surgery & knee problems. I have tried every diet and drug known to man with some fleeting success. I am tired of beating myself up. This forum brings together like minded people with your same issues with no shame! Nothing but understanding of your issues because they live them just like you. This forum arms you with the information to move forward in your life. Be your own advocate and take charge. You can’t exercise your way out of PCOS! Proper FOOD is your medication and your fuel. I have spent so much more than I care to calculate over the years. YOU ARE WORTH IT! You will not be sorry. All my love to the Divas & future Divas!

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