Haley P. - PCOS Diva
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Haley P.

Thanks for all that you do !! I am loving my new found hope.  I was afraid I would “fall off the wagon” after completing Jumpstart, but I have found this program very doable and don’t want to chance feeling so hopeless and bad again.  This is my new life not a diet.  I know everyday will not be perfect and that is okay. I’m on a path of healing and that feels GREAT !  I LOVE when you said, ” LOVE yourself in this moment, not when you lose weight, etc. “. That was incredibly life changing for me, I actually cried because as long as I can remember I have told myself if only I could lose weight or do this or that then I would like myself. I was always popular and attractive when I was younger.  Over the years, pcos has made it impossible to recognize myself in the mirror on top of robbing me of my health.  Going through your program taught me to love myself today just as I am.  I AM worth caring for!!  Can’t ever thank you enough!

– Haley P.

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