Jacquelynn G. - PCOS Diva
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Jacquelynn G.

The 7 Day Jumpstart Program has inspired me again, after a long period of dormancy, to work to improve my health. I don’t care so much about my weight, but about my general health and feeling better in my body.  I have been a PCOS patient for a long time, identified in 1980, but given very few tools to work with. Over the years I have been through a lot, including having a child, three miscarriages, cancer and then adopting a toddler.  All the while, I kept my eye out for research, I just tried to be as happy as I could be since I hadn’t found anyone who could advise me nutritionally in a realistic way.  Jumpstart made me realize that I’d become resigned to my PCOS fate and it shook me out of my mental safety zone and made me hopeful, for the first time in 12 years, for personal change.

For women considering participating in this program in the future I would say even if you haven’t dared to think about attempting a personal change for a long time, this may be the time to try and the way to try.  I have found this site, the group and especially Amy and her daily emails, FB posts and all the information available to be a reassuring safety net. I have spent YEARS trying to learn coping mechanisms to live with my PCOS.  I am 51 and have tried to concentrate on being happy in spite of my body, but the blood sugar issues have made that difficult for me, which has been hard on my family.  Even after only ten days, there is a lightness of spirit and a lessening of mental burden that I can only identify as long-missing hope for a better, healthier future. I don’t even think I’ve allowed myself to let more than the tip of the iceberg into my emotions, however, and I look forward to the long-term effects!

– Jacquelynn G.

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