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I feel great and for the first time in a long time, I have hope in learning how to live and thrive with this disorder! I have more energy and sleep better. I also feel less bloated, and my skin has improved (less inflammation and breakouts)! I love the mind-body connection Amy teaches! I feel less stressed using her methods….oh and as a bonus, I ended up losing 6 lbs after my Jumpstart week! I haven’t been able to lose weight in over a year!

Before the 7 Day Jumpstart, I felt completely hopeless with the conflicting treatment/recommendations by my doctors. I suffered from numerous symptoms including obesity, pre-diabetic, insulin resistant, sleep apnea, constant exhaustion and depression. Through the 7 Day Jumpstart I have more energy and feel great! I’ve dropped a dress size because of less bloating and inflammation! My family loves the meals, and that I have energy after dinner to do fun activities with them instead of just falling asleep.

There’s no downside to this Program! I have gained so much through this Jumpstart that will now become a way of life for me! It’s not a fad diet, or quick fix cleanse…it’s a way of life — a holistic way of treating PCOS as a whole (mind, body, soul). There’s so much support and camaraderie from other women on this program! You WON’T regret it!

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