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I decided to sign up for this program because I was so tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw. I was gaining weight and didn’t know why. The Jumpstart Program showed me I was not eating the right things and put me on the right track. As a result, I am now able to sleep better, I get right up and do not feel extra tired doing so. I don’t feel sluggish or bloated the entire week and my late night sugar cravings went away. I feel less anxious, depressed, stressed and angry.

I feel more motivated than ever to change my lifestyle. I feel like I’m living again and not just existing. I know this change will take time to fully adjust but I’m on board and will enjoy each step of the way. I loved every single recipe and it’s amazing how it opened my taste buds to different foods. I actually enjoyed shopping for the ingredients. I love learning and eating healthy has really opened my eyes to the great healthy foods that are out there. You were right Amy, we all need to treat the produce section like it’s one big pharmacy. I noticed my relationship with my family and friends has been better throughout the week also.

Participating in this program is completely worth it. Amy was right! I’m so glad I found this website because I was clueless as to what I should eat and how certain food aggravated my PCOS symptoms, which caused my body to go through terrible whirlwinds. Participating in Jumpstart week really opened my eyes to so many differents things. I really feel my life is on a better stronger path now. I feel at ease knowing that there is hope in helping us reach our goals of being healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle and I now have knowledge of many different foods that I can eat and not feel terrible afterwards, thanks to Amy! You are a life saver! I truly mean it. Thank you!

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