Marlaina L. - PCOS Diva
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Marlaina L.

By using the PCOS Diva Meal Plan, I finally have a good understanding of what is healthy and what is not, along with what it actually means to add more vegetables and fruit to my diet. I have more energy when I stick to the plan and am consistently full. I introduced healthier eating to my family and due to the tasty recipes, it was not as hard as I expected! Before I purchased the Meal Plans I was thoroughly confused about eating healthy AND eating for PCOS. There seemed to be a lot of contradictory information. I didn’t know how to make delicious healthy meals and I was frustrated because fast food seemed to taste SO much better than healthy food, but I knew I was killing myself slowly by eating so bad. This Meal Plan provided a delicious alternative and I will be purchasing all of the seasons and keeping them in my diet. There are more than enough recipes for me to enjoy for years to come. The best part is that my 7 year old daughter and sweets-loving fiancee enjoy the meals also! No more separate meals for dinner!

– Marlaina L

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A PCOS Diva on Fox News!