Melanie - PCOS Diva
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Before I found Amy and PCOS Diva I suffered from many of the terrible side effects of PCOS including fatigue, stomach/digestive pain, brain fog, depression, anxiety, excess weight, irregular periods and infertility. Throughout this Program I found more mental clarity. I now have more energy which has helped me to be a better wife, mom and business owner. I love the meals and shopping list – everything is delicious and the plans help save me time.

I’m truly thankful for and admire all the hard work Amy has put into the PCOS Diva website and Jumpstart Program. I have a renewed hope and confidence from what I’ve learned about the PCOS Diva lifestyle. The personal support from Amy and her team are a key part of the program. They are there to guide and encourage you every step of the way.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of information, resources, and supplement offerings. I trust that the supplements I’m purchasing and taking everyday are the best quality because I trust Amy’s research and recommendations. You are truly a blessing to many, many women!

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