Michele - PCOS Diva
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I joined the Jumpstart because I  needed guidance on nutrition, and I was exhausted all day, even when I got sleep.  I suffered from bloat, weight gain, dry skin, upset stomach and indigestion.  Since completing the program I feel great. I am learning how to care for myself nutritionally and mentally.  The change in my mindset has been huge for me.  When I feel good, those around me in my life feel good too.

I would tell other women who are considering participating in this program in the future that it is worth the small amount of money I paid for myself to do this.  I wish I would have had this resource 15 years ago when my symptoms started. Finally! Amy understands and guides you on how to take care of yourself for life. Not with a million medicines and not for a month of crash dieting, but forever! On top of it, you get to see what feeling good feels like again. There is no pricetag for that!

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