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I am not one “to cleanse”. I don’t like thinking so much about food, and I am personally not interested in lots of rules. That said, I had started to notice a deep dependency on sugar for energy and was feeling a real need to reset that tendency. When I learned about the PCOS Diva’s Sparkle Cleanse and better understood the parameters, I decided to give it a try because I so respect and trust Amy’s work and guidance. From the start, I liked that it didn’t feel too restrictive, and I appreciated the simplicity of it. My sugar dependency was indeed reset and I also noticed less hiccups and general stomach upset. I also really loved learning about ways to make my home less toxic and more healthy for my whole family. I really appreciate that this cleanse allowed me to do something more immediately beneficial for my body while teaching me new approaches that will benefit everyone I love long term. The Sparkle Cleanse experience is just like everything Amy does: professional, thorough, empowering, and enlightening.

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