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Sara S.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when TTC unsuccessfully. Through medical help, I was able to conceive and carry to term the amazing blessing that is my daughter. After my daughter was a year old and I realized the weight was not going anywhere, I started searching for some answers. I realized I did not really understand PCOS, the far reaching impact it had on my body, or how to control it. I stumbled upon PCOS Diva and started incorporating Amy’s suggestions into my diet. I started to finally lose weight, but found myself eating the same thing day in and day out to guarantee the weight loss. Even with the weight loss I still battled with other symptoms, one of the really bad ones was the emotional roller coaster.  So often I found myself upset, depressed, or lashing out and feeling like a spectator to my body. I was unable to stop myself and often overreacted, ruining an otherwise perfectly good day.

I hesitated to join Jumpstart because I was already “detoxed”, if you will, and figured that the regimen of supplements and suggestions for new foods I could eat and still lose weight would be the main thing I received. By the end of the pre-Jumpstart call, I realized my focus shifted. Yes, I still wanted to lose weight (and I did), but I wanted more. I wanted to be HAPPY. I wanted to enjoy life and love living it. Amy taught us a lot about nourishing the body with food, but she also taught us how to nourish ourselves as a whole being. After just a few days of Jumpstart, I was confronted with an extremely stressful situation. I handled it so gracefully I could hardly believe it! Even my husband noticed how much more calm and collected I was in the face of stress. It felt so good to feel like I was in control and didn’t overreact. The change has been tangible. I am already happier, have a better attitude, feel better about myself, and have tools to be a more patient and better wife and mother. My husband and I really enjoy the time sizzling in the kitchen together and I love the yoga time I set aside for myself in the mornings. I have been able to tap into an inner peace with myself I have been searching for. I really got much more than I bargained for!

Sara S.

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